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  1. Football Manager 2017

    Finished first season at United - thought the expectations were quite high but won the league and league cup and was given a new contract. Zlatan, Martial, Rashford all injured at one point (and Rooney on loan - can't get rid of him) so in the summer I've taken a punt on Berahino who was...
  2. World Cup Betting Thread

    £10 free bet on Rooney anytime scorer at just under 2/1. Worth a shot...
  3. World Cup Betting Thread

    Germany win and BTTS was 3/1 on Bet365 this morning, so I stuck a few quid on. Trying to see how far I can get having started out with £5 in my account. Going for too many long shots and random bets was ruining me!
  4. Day 4: Switzerland vs. Ecuador

    Love this World Cup.
  5. World Cup Betting Thread

    Decided to try this too, see how far I can get with the pennies left in my account! Makes the games a bit more interesting.
  6. Music Commercial Hip Hop Thread

    Not sure if right thread but this is the only active hip hop one. Anyone caught the Mursday album? Been playing it non-stop, easily one of my top albums of the year One of the standout tracks for me:
  7. Music Commercial Hip Hop Thread

    De La Soul have put their back catalogue up, for free, for 25 hours (but it started yesterday) Still waiting on my email with the download links but might be worth a go
  8. January Transfer Window

    Bit off-topic but I found this article from 2007 while I was reading about Anderson leaving us. Some interesting names in here about who we could have signed in 07 (were we ever in for Defoe like this suggests?) - Ferguson plots next move
  9. Rumours are circulating that Nicola Cortese will leave Southampton at the end of this season.

    Tomorrow's back pages all on this story, all speculating on an exodus. And Shaw wants out, linked to Chelsea (although its the Star...)
  10. Tweets Only 2010/14 Archive

    ^ That tweet referring to this:
  11. Cristiano Ronaldo

    Sorry if posted somewhere already, Rio Ferdinand on his Facebook page:
  12. I didn't know this...

    Is the book any good Livvie? Saw it the other day and was in two minds whether to get it or not.
  13. Gaming Football Manager 2014

    I know you've already started one, but I enjoyed Wolves on FM13, took them to the Premier League but couldn't break the top 4. For a few seasons I was finishing 5th or 6th, having dropped off towards the end of the league season. I won the Europa League though.
  14. Manchester United F.C. vs. Swansea City A.F.C.

    My heart keeps saying every time we lose we'll bounce back, but my head says otherwise. I think we'll win this 2-1 though.
  15. Manchester United signs up Aperol

    Can they play in a 2 man midfield, etc etc etc