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  1. Cricket

    Paine should try to catch with his mouth, the useless feck
  2. A public apology to Marcus Rashford

    So self absorbed.
  3. English cricket 2021

    Part of it
  4. English cricket 2021

    That can be a movie. Steven fecking Smith.
  5. The site is now running on HTTPS

    Does anyone get continuously logged out and logged back in? No idea if it’s related.
  6. To quote Taylor Swift, you need to calm down.

    It’s unhealthy to repeatedly read opinions that you find unhealthy.
  7. B.C. Murders

    There isn't. It's simply like correlating a platform which is too vast with something specific. It is just found as a fact in this particular case.
  8. B.C. Murders

    Not quite correlating and I agree it's a minor subset but a subset nonetheless. It would be as simple as correlating a platform like Reddit/twitter to something.
  9. B.C. Murders

    Linked to far right, hitler, gaming so far. So, you aren’t off.
  10. The Athletic “gutting” British newspapers

    As long as Barney hasn’t left, it’s all good.
  11. ICC Cricket World Cup 2019

    :lol: My man
  12. ICC Cricket World Cup 2019

    No, you will be sent back to the pavilion and rightly so. Unlike this case.
  13. ICC Cricket World Cup 2019

    Don’t think he has any point just on the basis of what you mention. The rules were pre set. However shitty they might be, time to discuss that is not after the tournament. It is unfair on England to retroactively use that as a stick.
  14. ICC Cricket World Cup 2019

    Yes there are plenty salty about it. It amplifies when we have a billion with access to twitter. But I would still say, majority were rather miffed with rules and ICC and feeling bad for NZ. But in the end, I don't blame you for your perception. England won and deservedly. Congrats. Ignore...
  15. ICC Cricket World Cup 2019

    Yeah, no clue either. But we aren't supposed to know. The umpires should or consult with the 3rd umpire for clarity if indeed that is the rule. if it's a gray area left to interpretation, case closed. It 100% changes the last ball and England might as well have won by hitting a boundary.