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  1. Casemiro - Kroos - Modric

    Nothing to suggest Casemiro was finished, don't know where that notion came from.
  2. Casemiro - Kroos - Modric

    Kroos only has a year left on the contract, and i think he was talking about retiring once the contract ends.
  3. Aurelien Tchouameni / Signs for Madrid

    You know what that midfield looks like to me? A midfield based around counter-attacking, which isn't bad, especially in UCL, but not sure against parked buses in the league, when the space is limited. I'm not saying any of them are bad technically, i just don't see any of them doing what Modric...
  4. Romelu Lukaku | Inter Part II

    And that combined fee could well go even higher soon, so clearly he has done something right.
  5. Pochettino sack watch | PSG Manager

    I doubt be is happy with the player power there though, not seeing it happen unless he gets to do things his way.
  6. Vinicius Junior

    Previous season he tried to force it more, while now he picks his moments better, even in games where he doesn't have many moments, he make those few moments counts, he has matured a lot.
  7. Lionel Messi | PSG Watch

    Ironic, isn't it? The guy essentially ruined all competition in sprinting for years by being so incredible fast, but now that he is gone and there is competition again, few bothers to watch it.
  8. Lionel Messi | PSG Watch

    Never heard of it either, but it means something, i guess.
  9. The Athletic: Only in an alternate reality should Real Madrid be Champions League winners

    I don't think this game is a good example, as Salah and Mane are top attackers, but in general, does xG take into account who is shooting at the goal?
  10. Aurelien Tchouameni / Signs for Madrid

    He isn't coming here. Here is how this ends, PSG will offer something outlandish like 150 millions, RM and Liverpool will natually view that as insane(which it is) and call it quits. Thank me later.
  11. Greatest Champions League runs & wins?

    Maybe 2015 was more entertaining, but 2011 would never let you back into a game once they took control, it was over. Personally, i think 2015 Barca was a bit overrated, their final against Juventus was good, but could have gone the other way, they needed a late header against Valencia to seal...
  12. Greatest Champions League runs & wins?

    I don't understand how a good portion of Barca-fans can rate 14/15 over 10/11, yes, "statistically" they may be better, but everyone who watched football knows which one of them was the better side. Barca 14/15 was hardly unstoppable, and had a few games were they struggled, Barca 10/11 was...
  13. Greatest Champions League runs & wins?

    Remember when were supposed to play Benefica?
  14. The relative strength of the Premier League

    EPL has been the best league in recent years, but the Spanish sides has an absolute iron grip on European cup finals(whenever they reach them) and its not just us, it must be said. Has to end at some point, probably soon, but the record speaks for itself.
  15. Jürgen Klopp Watch | ZERO wins against top 4 | ZERO goals in 3 finals | Goofy: “Book your tickets to Istanbul 2023”

    Teams should try taking their chances then, we gave teams plenty of chances to finish of us but none fancied it, their own fault.