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  1. La Liga 2020/21

    Considering the state of Barcelona when he took over, i think the team has improved under him after a troubling start, both in level of play and results, even if they dont win the league i think he stays for another season. In these big games though, he needs to figure out how to make the team...
  2. La Liga 2020/21

    Of course, its Messi after all, and he created some danger today as well.
  3. La Liga 2020/21

    Hasn't scored since 2018, around the same time Ronaldo left, has he? Anyhow, RM have an advantage now, Barca and AM has to play each other, while RM are done with rival matches.
  4. La Liga 2020/21

    Not having the shortest guy on the pitch defending the post could have helped though.
  5. La Liga 2020/21

    Also, Valverde needs to play more, underrated himself.
  6. Arse FAM TV

    Arteta certainly has done that part well, made almost everyone at the club accept this mediocrity, without them denying they have declined as a club.
  7. Mikel Arteta | Arsenal Elite level manager

    Pretty sure he can, whatever he lacks as a coach, he makes up for in other ways. He's somehow convinced almost the entire club that this is the new normal, incredible, really.
  8. Pochettino watch | PSG Manager (18 month contract)

    So, almost Chelsea 2012-esque, certainly felt like it at times.
  9. Champions League Quarter Finals 2020/21 - Apr 6/7 & 13/14

    PSGs midfield without Verratti is awful. I guess you can just bypass the midfield entirely when you have super talents in attack though.
  10. Pochettino watch | PSG Manager (18 month contract)

    Who can argue with results, but PSG as a team werent that good. Will Bayern be as wasteful in the return leg?
  11. Champions League Quarter Finals 2020/21 - Apr 6/7 & 13/14

    Imagine getting dunked on by a guy who can normally only score deflections.
  12. Champions League Quarter Finals 2020/21 - Apr 6/7 & 13/14

    Wtf are Liverpool even doing? RM doesnt even have any proper CBs, yes, im aware Liverpool doesnt either, but why cant they even create chances?
  13. La Liga 2020/21

    Meh, did what you had to, doesnt matter much. Barcelonas attack will toy with Militao and Nacho next saturday.
  14. La Liga 2020/21

    Varane is out for both Liverpool and El Clasico. Everything is lining up perfectly for Barcelona, big favorites now i'd say.