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  1. Premier League Gameweek 36-37

    For. feck. SAKE
  2. The 141st FA cup Final - Chelsea v Liverpool

    Why aren't Chelsea in Blue. Shouldn't bother me but it does. Should be home kit vs home kit unless a clash
  3. Post match vs Everton

    Don't look at me, I don't want them!
  4. Post match vs Everton

    Silver linings
  5. Everton vs Manchester United

    Disgrace to the badge. Shocking stuff. Just numb from it all, seasons been over a while though
  6. Music Top five rappers all time

    without naming Nas, Jay-Z, Biggie, Tupac or Eminem. Go...
  7. What is your country’s all timer national team XI ?

    Sarcy!! I put players I knew or remember watching.. Put alf in there as no alternative really
  8. What is your country’s all timer national team XI ?

    D. Seaman G. Neville....Ferdinand......Terry.....A.Cole Scholes....Gerrard Beckham......Rooney.....Sterling Shearer Manager: Alf Ramsey
  9. F1 2022 Season

    Is this safety car good for Hamilton or not?
  10. Is Harry Kane better than Rooney?

    Rooney and its not close. Special player in his early mid 20's. Had everything: pace, shooting, aggression, will to win, passing and then be added heading. Great great player
  11. F1 2022 Season

    Get in!!!
  12. F1 2022 Season

    feck offfff
  13. F1 2022 Season

    Love it!!!!!! Come on Lewis!!!!
  14. 5 Player Summer Rebuild

    Pretty sure?
  15. F1 2022 Season