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  1. Carabao Cup 2020/21

    Trying really hard to hide my bitterness here mate:lol: give me some credit.
  2. Carabao Cup 2020/21

    Yeah I agree. Penalty shootout on a derby game, I'd celebrate if we won too not necessarily because we progressed in the competition but we beat Mourinho’s Spurs in a shootout. Congratulations to you guys. Take it easy on the cheese though:devil:
  3. Carabao Cup 2020/21

    Spurs really came out for the second half. Did well to get back into the game with a deserved goal albeit very avoidable with our 3rd choice LB way out of position.Funny shootouts though. Good luck to the Spuds for the rest of the competition. Onwards to CP.
  4. Carabao Cup 2020/21

    Okey first half. Fairly controlled game, nothing spectacular. Werner took his goal nicely but he is not a winger. Hudson-Odoi has been lively again although I think he's more effective on the Left Wing. Kepa in the post=Lamela scores that goal, early signs are good with this one. With Var, Spurs...
  5. Carabao Cup 2020/21

    Mendy with his first game for us. Hopefully early signs are good. Chillwell gets his first start too with Giroud in there. Its the Carabao Cup but it'll irk me a bit if we lost to Mou.
  6. Chelsea 2020/21 - General discussion

    Wells! I guess in your quest to throw a hissy fit you missed out on this? Which I doubt as I quoted you Oh look the accuracy i was talking about right there in the first few sentences. Bummer you missed that. Funny as the first time I actually mentioned Martial I said he was a far better...
  7. Chelsea 2020/21 - General discussion

    “And hit shots very hard sometimes on target”. You've got to be accurate with these things buddy. And wait are “jibes” supposed to be wise? I thought “Penalty Lord” would be more apt as he's really good at it. Would have hone with “King of the Turnover Circus” but that's a bit too long and...
  8. Chelsea 2020/21 - General discussion

    Or maybe you're the problem? Ever thought of that? On evidence from the various player performance threads on here I'd say a fair chunk of United fan base on here share in my observations of your attack. If you can't stomach an oppo fan not rating Rashford as much as you want to, that's your...
  9. Chelsea 2020/21 - General discussion

    What’s really interesting is that both Ole and Lampard have spent similar amounts of money on the same total number of players: Ole = Maguire (£80m), AWB (£50m), James (£18m), Bruno (£50m), DVB (£40m) = £238m Lampard = Werner (£47m), Chillwell (£50m), Havertz (£75m), Ziyech (£35m), Mendy (£18m)...
  10. Chelsea 2020/21 - General discussion

    That United’s attack is very imbalanced and you require WC recruitment to provide competition? There is literally a MMM=BBC thread on here! Yeah I'm the idiot :lol: Liverpool's trio has Firmino in it, someone who's teammates are more surprised than fans when he scores. Their goal scorers are...
  11. Chelsea 2020/21 - General discussion

    I'm I really? What exactly does Rashford do at United? He can run very fast and shoot very hard sometimes on target. There is really nothing more to his game than that and if you're honest to yourself you'd agree. Martial is a lot better footballer than Rashford and will be more effective on the...
  12. Chelsea 2020/21 - General discussion

    Neither is Ole so why swap in the first place? Isnt that like Cos 90°? Its probably this forum that I see so much fascination with United’s attack. All I see honestly is a bunch of above average footballers who can run very fast, a very talented but still too young Greenwood and the Penalty...
  13. Frank Lampard's Sack Watch

    :lol: :lol: :lol: I fell in love with Mount’s goatie beard during lockdown. He's shaved in off now, unfortunately.
  14. Frank Lampard's Sack Watch

    Being 3-0 down at half time to Westbrom, all the shit-slinging from oppo fans was expected and deserved. Not a lot(including me) actually believed we could comeback to at least draw the game based on 1st half showing. We actually did something we've never done before in the PL era (come back...
  15. Frank Lampard's Sack Watch

    Crystal Palace might get eaten if our defence click next week.