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  1. Premier League Festive Season

    I am not suprised at all honestly. “Coach I'm really worried about our 5+ losing run"......“don't worry we got Chelsea next". This has been going on since Sarri. Absolute shitshow this.
  2. Premier League Festive Season

    We really should be getting all 3 points against this Arsenal lineup. Looks dire as f*ck. Unfortunately we seem to have picked up a habit of giving teamswoefully out of form lifelines (Westbrom and Everton come to mind) so fingers crossed here.
  3. Premier League Gameweek 14

    Because you beat Leeds?
  4. Premier League Gameweek 14

    Looks like the “he's shit...I've always known so" fans are having a field day. Once he gets out of the rut and is back firing them in the “he's great...I always knew he was" group will have their time to shine as well. It always cracks me up. Werner was unlucky to not score in this game imo. One...
  5. Premier League Gameweek 14

    A fantastic header aside, we've been really poor in attack again. I don't know what's happened to our attacking game lately. We need to get our shit together quickly in the second half as I see a goal in this for Westham.
  6. Premier League Gameweek 14

  7. Chelsea 2020/21 - General discussion

    I don't know whichever hole of a fan forum you've found yourself in, but the ones I'm in certainly don't ban anyone from critisizing Lampard. “littered with happy-clapping armchair fans"....yeah I'd probably ban you from my forum too. You can make a constructive criticism without belittling the...
  8. Premier League Gameweek 12

    Thoroughly shit game so far.
  9. Chelsea 2020/21 - General discussion

    Watching the Newcastle v Westbrom game I've got to say, I'm more excited about Gallagher than I've ever been with Gilmour. There is a fantastic B2B midfielder brewing in that lad if we can manage him well.
  10. Chelsea 2020/21 - General discussion

    Anjorin had a really good game on Tuesday. Probably his best with the seniors but I don't think he's ready for consistent play in matches that aren't dead rubber. Think we'll have to risk Pullisic on Saturday for some 70mins or so depending on results so far, then bring on one of Jorgi or...
  11. If you're Ole in, how much time will you give him?

    Reading through this thread there is one thing I find incredulous. If I owned a football club not named Manchester United and I was to choose a manager from Ole and Poch. There is no way in any part of hell I'd pick Ole over Poch in whatever parameter. People backing Ole in this little joke of a...
  12. Edouard Mendy | Chelsea player

    To be frank, he did say many players (sports personalities) with dual nationalities suffer this. Some even gave an Andy Murray example. “Ours when he's good, theirs when he's bad" is a very factual phenom in sports, mostly as passing joke from fans. I don't get where the racism association to...
  13. Would you commit to United if you were Bruno?

    Its Bruno Fernandes mate not Lionel Messi or Ronaldo. This Manchester United in its current state is still levels above wherever he was in Portugal. He's been a great additional for you guys but hes overrated a tad bit on here I feel. He has no choice but to stick and be a bigger part of the...
  14. Chelsea 2020/21 - General discussion

    It would have been naive to approach the games any other way than we did. Our first defensive game was against Sevilla, after defensive horror shows against Liverpool and Westbrom Lampard needed to steady the ship fast. United game last season ended 4-0 against us, after we played so well. No...
  15. Timo Werner | Chelsea Player

    It only exists in his head.