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  • Club should be more ruthless and move on DeGea so his wages can make space for Sancho. We were naive to pay £350/wk for a goalkeeper.
  • Got bullied by Mane for the liverpool goal(not given) and Obafemi. He's excellent against passing teams such as City/Wolves but gets easily bullied by the rest.
  • The real reason city have never wanted sancho back is cheaper options who’re almost as good. whenever someone overbids city they have always shown a willingness to walk away and buy cheaper elsewhere
  • Fernandes biggest asset is not his passing but his football intelligence. His corner/freekick are exceptional and ssomething we've lacked for a loong time. He's had huge impact on other players like Martial who know the pass will always come. He...
  • Ole has grown with the team but we wouldn,t even be close to top4 without Fernandes. No point arguing endlessly if he's the right guy or not as he's here to stay. The little things drive me nuts though and I struggle to understand the missteps...
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    Fred. Ole is too much of an idiot to see it. Matic is better against smaller teams who park the bus but we need Fred who was our best central midfielder against the top 6 this season.
  • We need Fred against pressing teams. Pogba is a disaster waiting to happen at the back. Fitness gone...afterall he's missed most of the season and his his pre-season fitness work is gone. Ole is an idiot. Against West-Ham he could clearly see...
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    When in his game Pogba can literally steam roll teams when playing 10 as he previously did against arsenal and city.
  • T R9 was fully physically developed into a man’a body at 18 Greenwood is not. Technically Greenwood is as good as R9 physically, explosiveness no. Greenwood is as good if not better than both Rooney and CR7 at 18 but CR9 was something else. I...
  • He’s better than cr7 at 18. Not saying he will be as good as cr7 is a phenomenal and relentless athlete but could.
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    He’s the striker who would break his nose to score a goal that Ole mentioned before. I knew he’d be a huge success here.