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  1. 2020 US Elections | Next: GA Senate Runoffs on 5 January

    It's a cult. It's no more impressive than saying how impressive it was for Koresh to brainwash dozens or Jones to suicide/murder 909 people. Trump hasn't killed anyone but he's of the same cultish behavior.
  2. College Football 2020/21

    Down goes Northwestern. Was rooting for them.
  3. NFL 2020

    The NFL changed roster rules in the early 90s after the 'body bags' game. The following season, all clubs were allowed to have a third QB eligible to enter a game if the top two were injured during the game. It's how the 45+1 came to be. This is ludicrous to allow a game to be played with three...
  4. NFL 2020

    Bit like the 98 Vikings perhaps? 2011 Packers comparison?
  5. The Trump Presidency

    Just wait till that pee-pee tape surfaces and it's got some scat action in it.
  6. NFL 2020

    Steelers are that one side that could go 16-0 and lose their first playoff game.
  7. The Trump Presidency

    If that shit diaper stuff is legit, imagine what the inner circle and secret service have witnessed/dealt with.
  8. 2020 US Elections | Next: GA Senate Runoffs on 5 January

    They may with it being a presidential election case. If the SCOTUS turns over any result what do we expect from the DNC? From the people?
  9. College Football 2020/21

    Texas football program is a mess.
  10. NFL 2020

    The OL is practically down to replacement player level now, perhaps below that level.
  11. NFL 2020

    It's like he thinks, "What would Jason Garrett do here?" and does the opposite every time.
  12. The Trump Presidency :lol: --- I think Trump is sweet on Hope Hicks and would...
  13. NFL 2020

    Lions doing their collective best to lose this game. The opening drives from both sides looked like Detroit could walk this one if they didn't self-destruct. Cue two consecutive turnovers in their own half and 13 points for Houston.
  14. 2020 US Elections | Next: GA Senate Runoffs on 5 January

    I think your odds were greater than Rudy Ruettiger getting a sack for Notre Dame.
  15. NFL 2020

    JJ Watt is a freak.