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  1. Television WandaVision

    Yeah, bit underwhelmed but effects were good I guess.
  2. IFAB announces change to handball law

    Dumb change. Ball hits hand = handball. Let the players be cautious to keep their hands and arms away.
  3. Premier League Gameweek 26

    Jurgen, how many games without a win at home?
  4. “ If De Bruyne (£68m) has an off day, City have Mahrez (£61m), Sterling (£57m), Silva (£45m), Foden, Gundogan (£24m), & Ferran (£21m)

    Got to love all the footballing einsteins who think they know better than professional journalists and pundits
  5. Memphis Depay | Lyon watch

    He wasn't known for his brain yeah, more of direct player.
  6. Post match vs Crystal Palace

    Clean sheet, and avoided the late Van Aanholt winner this time. Progress.
  7. Crystal Palace vs Manchester United

    That cnut van aanholt again
  8. Raphael Varane

    There is no one better. Get it done Glazers.
  9. Shaw confirms ref bottled the penalty

    I'm shocked
  10. Saka (Arsenal)

    He's your best player for one. He's young, british, can play on the right, what's not to like. Mason is more similar to your Martinelli, who we don't need, and his future is up front. Willian isn't going anywhere with his big 3 year contract so you know it makes sense.
  11. Shaw confirms ref bottled the penalty

    Lets be honest, if Harry really did say that, then it's obvious everyone has been briefed. I kind of expected the FA to call the club before doing anything, because it would be in everyone's best interest to sweep this under the rug. We're not going to go to war with the FA, but it will be...