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  1. Jose Mourinho | Spurs manager

    Well, you aren't wrong, it's just that when I think back to that season, I certainly don't remember being impressed. Instead, it felt like one of LVg's years, where I felt that the football was slowly eating away at my soul.
  2. Jose Mourinho | Spurs manager

    Serious question.. as an outsider, which do you think was more impressive, finishing 2nd that year with Lukaku, Alexis and co, or Ole finishing 3rd without them, albeit with a better defence?
  3. Jose Mourinho | Spurs manager

    If you just cap his united career after the first year, then yes, he was a very successful manager
  4. Europa League 20/21

    I guess some spurs fans will say they were unlucky but the reality is they could've been down 0-3, Antwerp by far the better team
  5. Europa League 20/21

    Nah, probably trying to deflect from their hero Bale, who has been worse. Or Carlos vinicius, whose been completely invisible after trashing LASK last week
  6. Europa League 20/21

    Spurs game getting testy. Antwerp are definitely no pushovers.
  7. Europa League 20/21

    Antwerp up after Davies pulled a Gerrard
  8. Julian Nagelsmann | Leipzig manager

    That doesn't make any sense because I'm the one giving him praise before this game :D I like him and still do, I just find it funny how you are so sensitive when it comes to your young prodigal manager receiving the same kind of heat that others do when they suffer a bad result. Ole takes it on...
  9. Julian Nagelsmann | Leipzig manager

    He isn't the only manager to have these phrases thrown at him after a humiliating result. Where were you when the likes of Poch, Ole, Lampard, Pep, or even Klopp were called frauds after a hiding? I mean, either they aren't serious or some of them have only watched him for the first time. In any...
  10. Football & Sports Betting Thread 2020/2021

    No handicap or props? They are -2000....
  11. Julian Nagelsmann | Leipzig manager

    It really is astounding how whenever Ole gets a big result, it's just a fluke, or maybe the opposition weren't at the races. But with the boy wonder, a bad result is just a punch in the mouth, or whatever metaphor you germanslike to use. I'm sure stranger things have happened and will continue...
  12. Post match vs RB Leipzig

    We'll fecking twat madrid based on our forms this week. And with big harry around ramos cant even save them with a robbery.
  13. Donny van de Beek | 2020/21 Performances

    They play the same position, and if Andreas could do those things like making the right decisions, keeping it simple at times and not losing the ball, we wouldn't have to sign VdB. And unless he could find a way to play deeper behind Bruno, I dont see today as a case for him to start, he's a...
  14. Donny van de Beek | 2020/21 Performances

    Not bad, but the things i'm seeing people praise him for in the match thread basically makes him a level above Pereira. Which is great, but not sure if its worth 50m yet.