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  1. England fans, what is wrong with England fans?

    Police weren't inside the stadiums. After this, the FA will probably pay for Police to be used inside the stadiums. The Government might even enforce it for a World Cup. The FA decided to go with private security companies, which clearly can't handle it.
  2. Sancho Greenwood Diallo

    I only looked at the picture. I don't bother to read the text on those posts.
  3. Sorry, but why is Rashford rated here? (Read the context)

    He kicks the ball in the net more than a lot of other players, perhaps?
  4. Sancho Greenwood Diallo

    Gritted teeth say 'What the hell am I doing here?'
  5. Rate Utd players' Euro 2020 campaigns

    Rashford 10/10 - Excellent bench warming abilities Sancho 8/10 - Had a blip playing against Ukraine, but back on form in the final Shaw 1/10
  6. What to do about Online Racist Abuse?

    Kids have a will of their own. You cannot keep shifting the blame on to other people. Parents do have an influence, but kids also make decisions. I had a choice when I was starting secondary school: should I join the popular group and join in the bullying of people or should I not? My parents...
  7. Are standards too low in English football culture?

    Yes, because Southgate is getting praised like he has overachieved. He hasn't once overachieved with this team. Every team we have beaten in the tournaments under him have been when we clearly have the better squad. I think he actually underachieved by playing such rubbish football with such a...
  8. Southgate set Rashford and Sancho up for a fall.

    But Southgate chose the penalty takers. He said so himself. And it was clearly done before the game with the way he brought Saka, Rashford, and Sancho on.
  9. What is the point of these daft run ups when taking penalties.

    But their records aren't better than Kane who just runs and places it into the corner. Is it actually beneficial or are they just good at placing it? I will probably go for the latter.
  10. What to do about Online Racist Abuse?

    Personal ID for social media. It will stop multiple accounts, and it will make people accountable for all sorts of abuse. Cyber-bullying is a massive issue, also, that needs to be sorted out. Either that, or ban Twitter, which is the worst thing ever made by man. Outside of the abuse, it is a...
  11. Southgate vs Solskjaer

    Not sure that will be true for Southgate, now. Grealish, Kane, Rashford, and Sancho looked fed up with him when he came over.
  12. Declan Rice

    Brought it on ourselves. Too defensive.
  13. Raphael Varane | Signed for United!

    This won't happen. It screams of no.
  14. Declan Rice

    That was always a stupid one. He played next to Giggs in a two-man midfield against Xavi, Iniesta, and Busquets. Carrick had no chance.
  15. Erling Haaland

    It isn't illegal. It is always done. Sometimes the club get permission to speak to the player, other times they don't. The potential selling club may get annoyed, which is all it is.