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  1. If the super league happens, will you still support Man United? Now with added poll

    The main purpose of a football club is to play football for the fans to enjoy it. I really cant see how anyone can enjoy a superleague. - there will be 2 football organisations: - a superleague with 16? clubs - a fifa with over 100.000+ clubs. Where do you want to belong to? A league of...
  2. If the super league happens, will you still support Man United? Now with added poll

    I am outraged with this new superleague, but I am really glad that my club isnt competing in it. I feel sorry for the true football fans and Manchester United fans, who also enjoy true football. The only chance there is, to prevent this, is if all football supporters are united against the...
  3. If the super league happens, will you still support Man United? Now with added poll

    If you dont see the difference, you are a lost cause.
  4. Internationals March (World Cup Qualifiers)

    I know, but Weghorst is a real targetman in the box. Karlsson is doing great at AZ. As a fan I watch him every game, and he is a superb player (although he needs to get more experience and more power to improve to become a full Nationall team player). He has great technique, can pass a player...
  5. Our midfield....can it ever work?

    The only downside with Koopmeiners is that he has to adjust to the premier league, that will take some time. Rice dont need time to adjust.
  6. Potential Matic Replacements

    From one AZ fan to another, dont forget Midtsjo. Its a hard pick who is the best midfielder between those 2 :)
  7. Potential Matic Replacements

    I totally agree, although our other midfielders are also not that bad. Dani de Wit even scored most goals for U21. But its a shame Gravenberch and Stengs cant play in the U21. Then we would be really strong.
  8. Internationals March (World Cup Qualifiers)

    Yeah its a disgrace that Frank the Farmer refuses to call him up. In Holland only Frank understands, all other people dont understand.
  9. Our midfield....can it ever work?

    Because I am an AZ fan, I see all games of Koopmeiners and he is great. He is good in defense, short passing, long passing, good penalty kicker, good distance shot and really mature for his age. Yesterday he scored a good goal against PSV. I hate to see him leave, but this summer its time for...
  10. Alternatives to Jadon Sancho

    Boadu is out of shape for allmost a year now. And it is getting worse and worse. He really need to step up his game. Thank god Gudmundsson is now first striker instead of Boadu. Although he lacks the pace of Boadu he is so much better in controlling the ball, passing, helping players around...
  11. Alternatives to Jadon Sancho

    Stengs is a really great talent who underperforms. The way he played a year ago was superb. But after his debut in the National team (one year ago) he started to underperform in the normal matches. In the big matches (European and against Ajax) he still played good. This season he had a really...
  12. Europa League 20/21

    Imho no penalties should have been given, but 1 and 2 were obvious schwalbes. The 3rd the goalie (Bijlow) jumped with his knee forward in the back of the player. He could have seriously injured the player. But he did play the ball.
  13. Europa League 20/21

    The most funny thing is that before the game vs AC Milan he was even way cheaper then 4m. AZ bought Evjen (who was a better player then Hauge) from the same club a year ago for about 2m. But the great performance from Hauge vs AC Milan got so much attention that Bodo Glimt knew it was time to...
  14. Jens Petter Hauge | Signs for Milan

    I am a fan from AZ, So I see allmost all the games Evjen plays. Evjen has some problems: The coach allways put the same 11 names on the board unless someone is injured or suspended. The coach is more into players wo run a lot than in technicall players. And Evjen probably had a bad start after...
  15. Post match vs FC Astana

    AZ played the worst game of the season, but Ferdy Druijf saved us. He plays most of his matches in the bottom of the 2nd league and he saved AZ against Royal Antwerp and now again. Remember the name Ferdy Druijf :). Looking forward to MU - AZ.