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  1. Paul Pogba | 2020/21 Performances

    problem is he will still have Riola coming out with snide comments and rather then putting the comments to bed he keeps them going by either staying quiet or when he goes away with France, Personally would prefer him to go for the above reasons, but dont see where he actually goes in the current...
  2. Rangers/Slavia Prague incidents

    maybe there was, heard they were locked out there dressing rooms for 30 mins after the game for some weird reason, also Gerrard and the uefa delegates witnessed it all, so will see what comes out of it. would be very shocked if with 2 mins to go in a game they have won and playing against 9 men...
  3. Rangers/Slavia Prague incidents

    heard he was punched from behind by one of the Rangers players, dont no how much truth is in it but sure it will come out at some point, dont think he was beaten up as reported earlier.
  4. Fikayo Tomori

    thought he looked out of his depth at Chelsea to be fair, would be a gamble signing and all about potential. considering Smalling looked fantastic in Seria A don't give me to much confidence
  5. Nikola Milenkovic

    Maguire played majority of his time at Leicester on the left, always on the left for England and all the time here. just because he is right footed dont mean he prefers on the right side.
  6. AC Milan revival?

    was the same when he was here, he done fantastic but if the ball was not played exactly to him then basically you lost possession, alwasy felt he missed big chances in the big games when he was here as well.
  7. 6 clean sheets in last 7 matches - are we defensively solid now?

    they play in the same way Scholes and Keane played, obviously not as good, no one in there right mind would call keane or scholes CDM, like i said go watch bosquets, a CDM sits in a front of the defence and wont move, mctomminay and fred get all over the pitch, even seeing the positions Fred...
  8. Rangers/Slavia Prague incidents

    well that's a lot of shite, the post i replied to claimed you cant react like that to a situation unless it was racial abuse, which my reply proves you can,
  9. Rangers/Slavia Prague incidents

    in the last month we seen a Ref put his head to a player for calling him a cheat, we seen Cantona Drop kick a fan for giving him some abuse, been plenty incidents over the years when people have reacted especially when you have been played off the park and down to 9 men and still thinking they...
  10. 6 clean sheets in last 7 matches - are we defensively solid now?

    no they dont, go watch sergio bosquets play, he plays CDM and you will see the difference
  11. Rangers/Slavia Prague incidents

    unless it comes out on a mic then how can you punish anyone ? who's to say he aint just gave him some other abuse, Rangers kicked them all over the park and even the incident where it kicks off the rangers player should have saw red for the stamp, Players cover there mouths almost every game now.
  12. Jose Mourinho Sack Watch

    if a professional footballer needs motivated by someone else they should not be in the game, have some self respect, he could win that but he will still be away, surely Levy would have a top 4 clause in the contract, which mean he will be paid less compensation, not sure what could possibly be...
  13. Jose Mourinho Sack Watch

    not a fan of Jose,and was glad when he left us but how the players are getting away with this and all the heat is on Jose is just wrong, his sacking will be coming soon, would actually play the young boys in the league final and leave all these pathetic players out of it. was one of the worst...
  14. 6 clean sheets in last 7 matches - are we defensively solid now?

    you might want to go look up what a CDM is, we dont have a single player at the club who is a CDM, both play CM completely different positions, we have also missed some sitters in these games as well.
  15. 6 clean sheets in last 7 matches - are we defensively solid now?

    think the keeper has been a big part of it, Henderson looks alot more vocal the De Gea ever has, will shape the future of the club when De Gea is back and to see if he goes straight back in the side, which will have a negative affect if he does