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  1. Luke Shaw | 2018/19 Performances

    He is the only LB we had in a long time who is left footed and plays in his natural position. Darmain is not a natural LB , Young is a converted winger always cuts back. Apart from he is out of position for too many goals this season.
  2. Cheap football kits

    can anyone point me to a site where i can get our training kit. Below link is from our Juventus training wearing the kit which i want.
  3. Mourinho or Pogba?

    As someone already corrected in this thread there is nothing wrong with his interview on pogba winning world cup. please dont invent something that is not there...
  4. Marcus Rashford | 2018/19 Performances

    3-5-2 is making us look more defence than we are already also our defenders seems to lose sight of runners more in back 5 than a back 4. For the initial couple of games is fine to just get points but hope we dont persist with that for the season
  5. The Positivity Thread

    with all the positive statements i was let down by your last line. Why not say “we go for it”
  6. Are you optimistic about the new season?

    A optimism thread with a lot of pessimism. Always excited and optimism for our new season. Rom and Pogba on form, fresh Sanchez and Martial should be a good start to our season
  7. wild boars

    wild boars
  8. Are the lads back in training yet?| Yes

    Tony Martial seems to be very happy with full smiles guess he is not leaving us guys. We can relax now.
  9. Eden Hazard

    "I'd rather lose with this Belgium team than win with this France team," Hazard added in his interview after the game. Can someone explain how is it [France defending] different from what they did after they got 2 goals up vs Brazil. I remember the entire Belgium team trying to defend their...
  10. Kylian Mbappe | PSG

    Not finding fault or anything, the kid is great. But he under hit the pass to Tolisso which could have been a through on goal and i lost my fantasy points for his gonna be assist.[ wanted to vent out my anger somewhere]
  11. Luka Modric

    He was one of the reasons why i like spurs during his time here.His control, passing and short burst into tight spaces is the one missing in our current setup. He is the perfect united type midfielder if we could sign one, sad for me personally to not see him in our jersey. The run he made in...
  12. Let’s all laugh at Fontaine

    I agree. But i guess you didn't see the white text in my post.
  13. Let’s all laugh at Fontaine

    We overpaying Pogba doesn't mean he is better than Coutinho (lfc logic)
  14. Quarter-finals discussion

    i see what you did there( england wink)
  15. Day 19: Brazil vs Mexico and Belgium vs Japan

    mexico were bright at the started and created a couple of good moments. Both teams were sloppy in passing after that.