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  1. Will there be an upset today on the last day of the season 2021/22?

    100%...there's going to be an upset....I can just feel it in the air! Don't ask me how or why but, I can see us overturning Palace 2-1!
  2. 2 Senior Players Scrap At Training

    Nah don't think it would be them two.... Unless Bruno asked Rashford for an autograph! :nervous:
  3. Erik ten Hag identifies four Man Utd transfers in summit with club chiefs as he plans summer overhaul (Telegraph)

    It did happen! May be the meeting took place in one of Amsterdam's famous cafes, and either Murtough or Mclaren got absolutely plastered with too much cake, hence the slip up and revealing of details to the Sun. Got to feel for Ten Hag. Barely a day in the job, and he's already got a rat to...
  4. Djed Spence

    You're a Bayern fan....Wagyu know about EFL championship players!
  5. ESPN: Man United want evolution, not revolution under Erik ten Hag - sources

    Can't see Kurt Angle with his airpods staying on our coaching team. He's always been on the wrong side of evolution.... :nervous:
  6. ESPN: Man United want evolution, not revolution under Erik ten Hag - sources

    Indeed....There's a lot of vipers in this team too.
  7. NEC vs Ajax | ETH Watch | 15:30 GMT

    Mola TV app. Free to download/use. Game is being shown live on there. Just seen they have a website as well where you can watch it.
  8. Eduardo Camavinga / signs for Real Madrid

    No. Back in 2011/12, there was rumours that Messi was flirting with the idea of moving to Barca's rivals Espanyol. He only changed his mind at the last minute, due to the backlash he'd face from Barca fans for moving to their city rivals. His reason for wanting to move? Their manager was a...
  9. Will Fish

    :lol: well played sir!
  10. Will Fish

    Really don't think either of you have actually watched him play. Brilliant young player... who you can be sure will perform when the chips are down. :nervous:
  11. Romain Faivre

    He'll come here and either oust Bruno out as Romain man, or he'll simply be another Faivre of the month type signing, play well for a couple of games and then flop!
  12. Amad Diallo | 2020/21 Performances

    only Amad man would disagree with this!