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  1. Last Man Standing 2020/21 | 291 competitors, down to 12. Entry closed.

    Forgot about this while on break from the toxicity. Lucky me... GW7: Tottenham
  2. 2020 US Elections | Next: GA Senate Runoffs on 5 January

    Yet in the US, it is basically a coin flip... :houllier:
  3. RedCafe has become toxic as feck.

    To loop this back to the topic on hand, this post is not the kind of post that is being discussed as making this place toxic (as far as I am concerned). I can read this and work out a response because you have put down what you think without any hyperbole. If this was the type of posts...
  4. RedCafe has become toxic as feck.

    It is toxic and there are many that do not seem to be looking to have a discussion, they are looking to pick a fight. It is difficult to have a discussion with someone you don't know (think some guy at the bar) and nearly impossible when they can hide behind an anonymous user name. Lately, it...
  5. Angel Gomes watch 2020/21

    You don't "give games to butter him up" is what I am saying, time is earned and from the lack of playing time I think he must not have been doing what the coaches were looking for at the senior level. I agree with the rest, he is young and has plenty of time to prove himself and hope he does.
  6. Angel Gomes watch 2020/21

    You say Ole froze him out, what was his motive? Ole was/is desperate to find an alternative to AP and JL yet he didn't play a kid that everyone thinks has the potential. People on here are acting like there was some sort of blind spot with the management team when it comes to Angel but I think...
  7. Angel Gomes watch 2020/21

    The first loan was refused because they wanted to keep him around the team which I don't think was a bad idea as he was getting games in the U23s and hanging around the first team. They also were trying to resign him at that point but he wouldn't commit. The second transfer was refused because...
  8. Jadon Sancho| Staying at Dortmund for now

    Well, you made some laugh but I have no fecking idea what that means. I just did an internet search and found that you are a friend of Diddy's... or a bird?
  9. Jadon Sancho| Staying at Dortmund for now

    Apologies, I was not trying to defend the move, just giving a possible explanation. If they had no intention, or cannot afford, I agree they should have shut it down right away.
  10. Jadon Sancho| Staying at Dortmund for now

    Because then the question from the fans becomes "if not Sancho, then who"?
  11. Jadon Sancho| Staying at Dortmund for now

    When the team(s) I support lose, I get pissed off and the last thing I want to hear from is a fan from a team not even involved in the contest trying to rub it in. Not signing Sancho is a loss and I am fecking pissed off and don't need to hear any BS from a fan of a team not even involved. So...