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  1. Best academy in the world?...

    Benfica and Sporting too I think, though not to our level. We must be the best in England though (honourable mention for our opponents on Monday, Saints, who's academy is also great).
  2. Champions League and Europa League draws (11am UK time) - LASK or Manchester United v Istanbul Basaksehiror or FC Copenhagen

    What shin will Lukaku's winner bumble off against us in the final?
  3. Bruno Fernandes - PL Player of the month for June

    Was it ever in doubt?! What a player.
  4. A new golden generation for England?

    I hope so mate!
  5. So how would you approach the big games now?

    For fecks sake, no. I meant Matic. Muppet I am, edited the original post *facepalms*
  6. A new golden generation for England?

    Yeah sorry I did miss him off completely, an excellent player in his stride. Next season in the PL will be good for him, hopefully he kicks on.
  7. So how would you approach the big games now?

    I think we're in a position, now, with our current form, to be going at the other big clubs a lot more than before and I think McTominay would likely get the nod over Matic for those type of games. That said, if it ain't broke don't fix it. What we do v the 'big six' works extremely well and are...
  8. Manchester United vs Southampton

    Saints are a very good team and better than the table suggests. I think it will be a tough game and they'll get in our faces and for that reason, I don't think it'll be another 3+ goal win. That said though, home win.
  9. A new golden generation for England?

    Whilst I don't disagree per se, I also think we're strong enough in defence to be contenders at any tournament in that area. Our strongest backline is Trent, Gomez, Maguire and Chilwell - which is better than most nations I think, no? Delving deeper, with CBs: Maguire is only 27, Gomez is...
  10. Cheap Backup Strikers

    King or even Wilson if Bournemouth go down would be good options - particularly King as he'd presumably fall into the 'club grown' category. Likewise, depending on who else goes down, Pukki (good eye for goal in an attacking Norwich team) and Haller would both respectively be decent options...
  11. Pogba Future

    For the first time in a while, I actually think we're in a position of strength here. We're headed into this pandemic-ridden summer transfer window being arguably one of only a handful of clubs globally that can afford to spend and don't need to sell, not to mention that we're on fire, playing...
  12. Charlie Nicholas

    To be fair to Sky, Nev and Carra are excellent and I personally don't mind Jamie Redknapp. But otherwise, agreed - the standard of analysis across the pond (particularly with the NBA) is just light-years ahead of the football 'punditry' we get in the UK. Honestly, when Jose was out of work...
  13. League One & League Two play-offs

    As Bristol Rovers fan I'm not too fond of either team but hopefully Wycombe go up as we always beat Oxford so an easy six points would be lost next season! Likewise, that Snake Taylor can stay rotting in L1. On the note of Ainsworth, he's done an absolutely incredible job for Wanderers. Saw he...
  14. League One & League Two play-offs

    Tie over now, surely?