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  1. Transfer Tweets - 2021/22 | Check the OP for blacklisted sources before posting

    Newcastle quoted us £50 million for Longstaff
  2. Should we consider selling Pogba?

    Next summer is our only chance to sell him for a decent fee (I reckon £50-60 mil tops). If not - he'll be off on a free in 2022 Getting him to sign a new contract is also bad business IMO - as we'd waste £15-20 mil per year on his wages - whilst praying on the off-chance someone is dumb enough...
  3. What do you see happening with Gareth Bale?

    Total bollocks by Zidane & disgusting behaviour by Real & their pet poodle media outlets (as usual) For those saying it's like the Sanchez situation?! - no it's not. Sanchez didn't do anything at Utd - no titles / cup wins to his name (unlike Bale). Respect goes both ways & Real will learn (or...
  4. Sanchez's return | is not happening - he signs for Inter

    Torres cost 50 million....back in 2011
  5. Erling Haaland / signs for Dortmund

    Or maybe it's because Ole played in front of Scholes / Keane, and was receiving crosses from the likes of Beckham / Giggs et al. Our current lot are playing in front of the likes of Fred / Lingard / Perreira etc..
  6. Jose Mourinho | Spurs manager

    Spurs are desperate for some silverware....any silverware. Maybe Mourinho is the man for the job?