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  1. James Garner | 2018/19 Performances

    Does he have a chance to play some time against PSG?
  2. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer | W15 D2 L4

    Does anyone see the comparsion to Black Sails series that Ole ( manager) is Captain Flint and Mike Phelan is Hal Gates as a representative of the team’s interests ? Mike looks similar to Gates.
  3. Reception for Di Maria at Old Trafford?

    Fans should just ignore him.
  4. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer | W15 D2 L4

    If he lost a game pundits will eat him.
  5. Anthony Martial | 2018/19 Performances

    In the next season i see him getting the golden boot.
  6. Ander Herrera | 2018/19 Performances

    Is there anyone similiar to him in our u-23 team regarding the play style?
  7. All ticket/travel information thread - 2019/20 edition - Touting will not be tolerated on the site

    Hello all, I am new on this forum. Me and my friends want to watch United playing on Old Trafford with Watford 30.03.2019. I went on few websites like viagogo looking for the tickets and it's £100+, but on the the prices are around £50 with the one united card ( tickets are sold out)...