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  1. What to do with ransomware attacks?

    I use Malwarebytes for superficial confidence. Oh, and also I've got a USB stick with all the stuff that can't be easily replaced, so they can do whatever they want.
  2. Gun control

  3. Gaming Mass Effect Legendary edition - out 14th May 2021

    They "fixed" the ending of ME3 years ago. If the ending you played with had the boy with three lights, I'm pretty sure that's not it, though I can't remember what it's supposed to be since I never actually played the "new" ending.
  4. US Politics

    It kind of is.
  5. Scottish Politics

  6. US Politics Liz Cheney was a big deal, and now she's a pariah. Mitt Romney was a called a communist in Utah. People are going along with the crazy, or even embracing it. This definitely might end up...
  7. Keir Starmer Labour Leader

    He looks like a ghoul.
  8. US Politics

    That's the optimistic take. The pessimistic one is that the far-right Trumpists will destroy any opposition and the rest of the party will follow along. Hopefully it's different now that Trump isn't President any longer, but we saw what happened to the Never-Trumpers. They either turned into...
  9. US Politics

    US politics thread you guiiise.
  10. Elon Musk's epic bacon adventures

    Nothing to do with Musk (probably), but that one always makes me think of this one:
  11. The White Supremacist Terrorist Threat

    If you need a podcast to listen to, I suggest: It's not only about race, but it features heavily (and how could it not?).
  12. Laurence Fox to launch new UK (gammon) political party

    I don't particularly disagree with your support of free speech, but I think there are many, many examples where giving people with racists viewpoints and dodgy views exposure is exactly what lets them grow and turn into monsters. The examples range from Hitler to Trump to 8chan and the growth of...
  13. Laurence Fox to launch new UK (gammon) political party

    It counts as British if the Glorious Empire went out and conquered it for King and Country.
  14. Laurence Fox to launch new UK (gammon) political party

    Weird, I hate him more for that exact video than for all the horrible shit he's said. He's just the actual worst.
  15. Keir Starmer Labour Leader

    Disgusting. It's Keir and me.