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  1. Martin Atkinson

    I just fecking hate him.
  2. Cold War against China?

    Anti Americans :lol:
  3. Other What's your Favorite Podcast ?

    Scene on Radio just opened their 5th season, The Repair, this one on the historical basis of the climate crisis. Here's how they describe it: Three with the same host as each other: Running from COPS: About the exploitative nature of the COPS television programme. The Line: About the Navy...
  4. AUSUK

    Ackshually, French military history is almost unparallelled in European history.
  5. Brexited | the worst threads live the longest

    Brexit makes so much more sense after watching that.
  6. Keir Starmer Labour Leader

    Shocking but also not shocking.
  7. Keir Starmer Labour Leader

    When they lose the next election too, the blame is going to be on the bitter leftist corbynistas who would rather have the Tories in power than get behind a pragmatist who wants to actually win an election. Or something. Remember, when leftists lose elections it's because they pushed the...
  8. Keir Starmer Labour Leader

    Wow, socialists believing in cancelling international debt? This is truly unprecedented. Yeah, but what about Starmer?
  9. Space Race

    If Elon Musk is the first human on Mars, then I think we should just go ahead and nuke it.
  10. Space Race

    Only 25% billionaires, it's an improvement.
  11. Afghanistan

    Weren't they conquered a couple of weeks ago?
  12. 2021 American Civil War

    The American Right is definitely pretty extreme. I am pretty sure most national GOP politicians right now support the view that the election was stolen. Certainly anyone who says it wasn't is being swiftly expelled from the fold. It's the party of Trump, and Trump is insane.
  13. Cop in America doing a bad job, again

    Obviously these guys.
  14. Television Taskmaster | Series 12 starts 23rd September

    I actually started with the 2nd season, so I can't imagine how boring he must be in the 1st season now that you say this :D Sometimes he doesn't even remotely explain the points (to make it entertaining), he just throws out some points (to his best friend) and then makes his sidekick do all the...
  15. Television Taskmaster | Series 12 starts 23rd September

    NZ Taskmaster is good, but the taskmaster guy isn't great. He's honestly pretty boring.