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  1. Cop in America doing a bad job, again Video: It's honestly a wonder there hasn't been a second revolution in the US, a real one this time. American police forces are so unbelievably fecked up.
  2. The Trump Presidency

    I mean they lasted a full thousand years longer, so that's noting to scoff at.
  3. The Trump Presidency

    I don't disagree, really, but I never bought the "leader of the free world" spiel to begin with. If you go back in American history, both domestic and foreign, there's a lot to take issue with. I think a part of Trump's strategy has been tearing away the veil. Of course, he does that by...
  4. The Trump Presidency

  5. History/Archaeology Thread

    The CIA has ruled it a suicide.
  6. The Trump Presidency

    Immediately disqualifying. This guy wants attention, and probably thinks he's the one with all the real answers. His model doesn't take polling into account at all, it's basically all about how well the candidates did in the primaries (Biden started off poorly) and historical swings (Presidents...
  7. 2020 US Elections

    That's... very interesting. I always casually wondered how they arrived at their score, whenever I saw someone bring up that particular metric. According to the replies, it's because the metric assumes opposition to establishment Democratic agenda makes you a more conservative independent. It...
  8. 2020 US Elections

    The White Lives Matter House.
  9. 2020 US Elections

    I'm usually very cynical about the US, but that just seems excessive. If he tried something like that, never in a million years would the end result be that he was granted any kind of immunity. If anything, he'd be charged with treason and an attempted coup. The military and intelligence...
  10. 2020 US Elections

    He's certainly claiming victory, no matter what happens, but I don't see where immunity comes into whether or not he leaves the White House. What's he going to do, board up the windows and refuse to move out? His consent isn't needed for someone else to assume the Presidency, that will happen...
  11. 2020 US Elections

    Squeaky bum time for a second.
  12. The Trump Presidency

  13. 2020 US Elections

    That's such a weird response. Obviously he thinks Biden is a cnut because of the things he says and does. Saying "but but but he won" isn't a gotcha. Those aren't mutually exclusive.
  14. Film Best movie scenes

    No idea if these have been posted yet, but you can't tell me what to do mom. Two amazing sequences from Children of Men, one following the other. John Wick: Sicario: The Death of Stalin: The Raid (if you were wondering why Gangs of London had such visceral fight scenes)...
  15. The Trump Presidency

    That has never been settled in the courts, so it's an open question.