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  1. Boring, boring Man United

    Pick any random ten.
  2. Boring, boring Man United

    Respectfully, disagree. Our football is some of the worse the premier league has to offer in terms of entertainment value. And thats a hard pill to swallow knowing that watching United brings special feels because its our lads. Its as boring to watch now as it ever was under LVG.
  3. How good are we?

    I think we have the players to play some good stuff, we just dont have the tactics to show case it. In my opinion, theres been an issue with the coaching departments for a very long time. After Moyes fired everyone, to replace them with his Everton duds, theres been something missing. Managers...
  4. Prince Philip Dead

    Racism, sexism, bigotry, etc etc etc. Im sorry, was that not clear?
  5. Prince Philip Dead

    Ill miss ol Phil and his craziness that he some how always got away with. Some of his classics:
  6. Granada vs Manchester United

    our passing it would seem. That was shocking. We’re supposed to be a counter attacking outfit.
  7. Granada vs Manchester United

    :lol:that’s not how rehabilitation works. But the better question is what’s the point in playing players that aren’t 100% and risking their return to full fitness? The classic example of playing “the name player” is Moyes in the champions league playing Rooney with a fecked toe. He had to have...
  8. Granada vs Manchester United

    I didnt think Granada were that good ;)
  9. Granada vs Manchester United

    Last time Rashford was injured, Ole played him anyway. Ended up with a season ending double back fracture. So while he may not get a new body, giving his current body time to heal isnt exactly a deal breaker is it? If not for covid, Rashford would have missed the rest of the season and the...
  10. The vaccines | AZ/Pfizer/Moderna rollout underway - J&J/Novavax close

    So if I got the first shot of AZ and no blood clots. Am I safe to take the 2nd shot without worrying about blood clots or is the risk still the same?
  11. Our tough start to the season and how it hides our good progress

    no, to say “some” is stupid. Most games are awful. Just because we sneak a win doesn’t make them fun to watch. I’ll take and entertaining loss over a dull win any day of the week.
  12. Our tough start to the season and how it hides our good progress

    But did you watch the games? Results are great, but performances have been dog shit for the most part. I havent been this bored watching united since the LVG days. Watching us try to play out from the back when getting pressed hard is painful. As is watching us trying to break down a low block...
  13. Lingard to join West Ham on loan

    It fits perfectly. You just have to not be so defensive of the club that you refuse the see the problems. But I’m done. Said my bit. We can agree to disagree. Not like any of this shit is worth getting upset over.
  14. Lingard to join West Ham on loan

    No. What I’m suggesting is that coaching here is so bad it turns players to shit. And no amount of fancy words are going to change what our eyes are seeing. We can’t pass every well for example. And it’s been that way for awhile.