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    I'm sure the players didn't enjoy watching this game just like myself. And thats what they did, stood around and watched the game. Every goal occured because a United player didn't stay with their man. Simple football.
  • Its not depression that United should be worried about. Its fans becoming indifferent that should be concerning.
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    Great result. They have some gifted player on this team. Will be interested in the draw on Friday. Its funny because Canada's could be part of the reason their group could be considered the group of death. Canada will be a tough out.
  • Players can deflect all they want but it's their lack of ability on the field which is clearly visable to everyone. On Debruyne's goal, it was 4 City players against 8 United defenders on the turn over. When the ball crossed the line it was 4...
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    How mant times do you have to hear in a game "Pogba looses the ball" or "the ball gets taken away from Pogba".
  • There is no equity in the U.S. soccer programs because the women get annual salaries while the men don't. The women are treated as full time employees while the men are contractors.