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  • I need tickets for the game in Manchester, hopefully I get a visa for the UK. I don't know where to look to buy them and I don't know if I need some passport info or something like that.
    You can buy tickets off the website now, if you are worried about doing it I can buy 2 for you and either give you in Belgrade or in Manchester if u can't sort
    Hi Oldhand!

    I was interested in a single ticket for the Leicester match - any way you would be interested in that? I'm traveling solo for work to Manchester and would be going alone. Thank you!

    Sorry missed replying, ideally look for people who want both since less hassle
    how much would it be for the pair?
    Really sorry been tied up with issues and not been on here
    Hi Mate

    I have a question regarding the parking at the lowry on match days...
    Is it the actual shopping centre car park? also do I have to purchase something to park there?
    sorry for delay, yes and no
    no need to purchase although i normally have a drink in lime bar, you can either exit to end of m602 or go to next junction , both are pretty quick
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