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  1. Film The Redcafe Movie review thread

    Master and Commander I'm not sure how historically accurate it is, but its a cracking movie. I'm stumped that we never got sequels at the time. Solid performances all round and the action really has some oomph. Just over 2 hours and flew bye 9/10
  2. Ralf Rangnick | Interim manager

    Far worse. Moyes had better players which helped him. We don't even have that to fall back on now
  3. Film I love Rocky 4.

    Aside from 5 they are all decent watches. Fun if not perfect.
  4. Premier League Gameweek 22+23

    England's most exciting side of recent years was Kane with Welbeck and Sturridge either side of him. Shame they were both crocks.
  5. Television Peacemaker

    Same here. He's not great but has some comedic chops.
  6. Television The Book of Boba Fett

    That was awful. After a good second episode this was a real misstep. The biker gang were awful, and got involved in the one of slowest chase scenes put to screen. They had something really interesting with the tuskens and just killed them off off screen.
  7. Westminster Politics

    He is yeah. Claimed he was fluent in 2019, then said he wasn't when justifying the expenses.And the one who was pleading via WhatsApp for middle east paid positions as he couldn't afford to put his kids through school. Also Known as the honourable member for Saudi Arabia after paid visits there...
  8. Westminster Politics

    Can't stand the guy. My old home/parents MP. Total joker and by all accounts a nasty piece of work. Been rumours for years about how shitty he treated those beneath him.
  9. How good was Paul Gascoigne

    Incredibly talented footballer. What made him stand out was how different he was from other midfielders at the time. Flair players generally gravitated to the wing in his era while he was beating people for fun in the middle of the park, and at a time when tackles still used to fly in.
  10. Mino Raiola | Banned for 3 months by FIFA

    Performative outrage.
  11. Barcelona: The return of Xavi

    If he's not very good anymore maybe he's just scared of where he might end up? Yes he's earning a little less now, but he gets to stay at a large club for the next several years.
  12. The media-pedalled notion that we should drop Ronaldo

    Exactly, and which would be the biggest story for the papers? Pogba would be a huge story too if he wasn't on his winter break. Personally even De Gea shouldn't be safe imo.
  13. The media-pedalled notion that we should drop Ronaldo

    Us dropping Ronaldo would generate lots of clicks and paper sales, hence they peddle the idea that we need to.
  14. Steven Gerrard (Aston Villa Manager)

    He got off lightly then.
  15. The MMA thread

    He just decided that whenever he would fight he would match up with his opponent. Impressive but made for boring fights. The Jon that walked through all those big names was really exciting.