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  1. Abortion

    Never far behind are we?
  2. Television Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi

    It literally was called out in episode 5? When Ben asks her how she knew as it was such a secret, revealing she was a youngling and had planned the long game for revenge.
  3. Television Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi

    If not for Reva, Ben would never have learnt that Anakin was now Vader, and she set in motion all the events that took place just by being so focused on her revenge. She was pro active, where the other inquisitors weren't. And of course someone else could have filled her parts, and then people...
  4. Television Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi

    Really enjoyed this, great final episode and the Obi Wan/Vader scenes were fantastic, especially the ending of their fight.
  5. UK Rail Strikes

    Has anyone seen the Mick Lynch interviews today? Just going into interviews with zero fecks given, most amusing
  6. Christian Eriksen

    Would he have trained with the first team/coach though? Not convinced if he was there for fitness.
  7. Paul Pogba / turned down United offer of 300k as “nothing”

    I dunno. He certainly was when he came back, felt like unfinished business etc. But as the club has become more and more of a mess, he looked less and less interested. Glad he's gone though, no hard feelings but he was never fit and was getting worse. We dodged a bullet with him wanting to move...
  8. Television Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi

    Cracking episode. Aside from last week's, I have enjoyed all of this though. That would be awesome. Especially with Hayden back for flashbacks.
  9. Christian Eriksen

    We shouldn't be looking to replace Mata though. He's barely played for us. Our squad has been too bloated and we need to cut numbers if anything. As for this signing, I think if he came he would surprise a lot of people, could see him outshining Mct in midfield or Bruno/VDB further forward...
  10. Antony

    Reckon a good portion of all these links to Dutch players is just lazy journalism. Happened with LVG as well.
  11. How will Bruno fit into Ten Hag's style of play?

    Unless there is some miracle transformation over the summer him playing as an 8 will be a disaster. We get frustrated with Fred losing the ball with sloppy passes? Wait till Bruno is in there!
  12. Television Stranger Things (Netflix Original) | ALL S4 DISCUSSION MUST BE IN SPOILERS

    Yeah, this is more like goonies than game of thrones. This season has leant more on the horror vibe, but I would still be surprised to see any of the main cast die, not that we could do with it. The group with Mike and Will really doesn't need much focus.
  13. So what's next for Sir Gareth Southgate?

    12 players will always be at an advantage ;)
  14. Barcelona: Back from the brink … levers

    I had never heard of this Barcelona till they went to sign Lewandowski.