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  1. Gabriel (Lille player)

    Thanks for that, sounds like a definite question mark. We need someone with the pace & awareness to cover around Maguire, especially against the more skillful, pacey runners. Positioning will undoubtedly be important there. But hey, if this turns out to be Ole's guy I'm happy to give the...
  2. Gabriel (Lille player)

    Never seen him play. Looks decent if unspectacular from YouTube, good at getting a foot in and harrying his man. I wonder from anyone who's watched him properly - is he quick / strong in the air?
  3. Rio's piece on Vida from UTD website

    God I miss those two. Truly the perfect partnership in my eyes.
  4. Apart from his passing, what did Smalling actually do wrong? And are you against him coming back next season?

    I would have had him as a starter next to Maguire this season, and if we're unable to bring in an improvement on Lindelof would do the same next. But then I don't rate Lindelof very highly at all. At best he's decent, but still passive, weak in the air and not physical enough to make up for...
  5. Relegated Bargains?

    Lots of decent options this year for me. Either of Brooks or Buendia would make terrific rotation options, something we desperately need on top of a Sancho style RW. Doucoure could also be a smart purchase.
  6. Most important summer window in years (100-150m budget)

    Move out the deadwood such as Rojo, Jones, Sanchez & Lingard, perhaps cash in on Fred while his stock is high. Bring in Sancho, top drawer options at CB & DM and some young backup / rotation option to step in for Bruno as and when required. Lots of work to do in very little time.
  7. Does Ole have it in him to drop De Gea for the last 2 PL games?

    It's a tough one. Inevitable blow to David's confidence aside, imagine the pressure that'd put on Romero's shoulders - an admittedly great backup keeper who seems more than happy being just that. If it were up to me I'd drop him, but I doubt Ole will. Easier to stick with De Gea and show faith...
  8. Post match vs Chelsea

    It's a tricksy one alright. Maybe PSG? Honestly, I've no clue. From what seen of hendo thus far he seems like a confident lad. I reckon he'd be more than up for a fair challenge at the #1 spot, while De Gea mentally is looking more fragile by the day. Maybe you're right. Bitter pill to...
  9. Post match vs Chelsea

    While I get Ole's squad management hasn't paid off today, I find it hard to put much of the blame on him. De Gea has choked when it most matters what, three years running now? Enough is enough, he needs replacing. Henderson and Romero duking it out would be ideal, if we can possibly find...
  10. Angel Gomes (United confirm departure)

    Bit of a dissapointment, I think he could have become a valuable squad player for us. But hey ho, in the grand scheme of things this is probably the right move considering Bruno's arrival. He'd have had to adapted to a wide spot to get any significant gametime and I don't think he's suited to...
  11. Centre Back... Who do we go for?

    Upamecano still going into his last year? If so, he could be a good call, would seem to mesh quite nicely next to Maguire.
  12. Jesse Lingard | 2019/20 Performances

    He's just so out of his depth. Any of those Norwich attackers would have been a marked improvement and they're dead bottom of the PL. That he's managed to hang on this long is a real insight into our shambolic transfer strategy in recent years. No doubt Ole will have him moved on as soon as...
  13. Julian Nagelsmann | Leipzig manager

    Would be absolutely perfect if things don't quite work out with OGS by then, although I'm still cautiously optimistic there.
  14. Norwich City vs Manchester United

    I'd go for that, maybe with Pogba on for McTom. Tough watch this.
  15. Manchester United vs Sheffield United

    Looks good. Like many I've lost faith in DDG not to choke another run in, but perhaps dropping him now would do more harm than good? Tough one. Other than that, team looks perfect. Bailly a much better partner to Maguire, Greenwood far more useful at RW and Matic hopefully capable of holding...