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  1. Racism in Italy - even anti-racism is filled with racism

    Every. Goddam. Week. Disgusting.
  2. Top 10 best squads in Europe on paper

    I thought i was clear enough sorry, I do agree with what you've said.
  3. Top 10 best squads in Europe on paper

    That's not even close, you can also add that Kante's ability with the ball are often underated, he rarely misses a controle or medium range pass when Gueye for exemple (who has a similar profile) can have nights when he misses teamates 10m far from him. I'd take Kante/Kovacic over Gueye/Herrera...
  4. Top 10 best squads in Europe on paper

    OCCASIONNAL good performances, that's a big difference. If they're in an average day they won't be able to compete against top midfielders. And the space they have to cover is a very separate issue. I'm talking about the way they deal with the ball while under pressure, which is a HUGE factor...
  5. Top 10 best squads in Europe on paper

    Paredes isn't "very good", he had a couple of good performance but is very disapointing overall since we bought him for a ridiculous fee of 45M. And i'm sorry to tell you that but when i'm comparing our midfield to top teams, Man United is not the reference i have in mind. Wijnaldum looked...
  6. Barcelona: Koeman on the brink?

    So apparently Barcelona had the great idea of playing Alba, Piqué and De Jong while injured. They'll have to go through tests tomorrow to see how long they'll be out. Brilliant.
  7. Lionel Messi | PSG Watch

    Not only RW but sticking to the line when we bought Hakimi ffs, this is borderline criminal.
  8. Lionel Messi | PSG Watch

    I wonder why. Here's where Pochettino makes him play :
  9. Top 10 best squads in Europe on paper

    It's simple : we had to hijack our midfield by playing counter attack every time we played a top team because possession football is out of reach for us. And we had to rely on individual performances. Do you really have to ask why having Herrera and Gueye in the starting XI isn't up to CL winner...
  10. PSG - 2021/22

    Watch us get Ole when he's sacked :lol: Also, I'm rely bothered by the fact that our south american players are pretty bad after international breaks. Messi and Neymar both had amazing performances with their national teams a week ago and sucked tonight.
  11. Top 10 best squads in Europe on paper

    Oh ok, so midfielders aren't a significant element in football, that's news. Coming from a Real Madrid fan who saw Modric/Kross bossing games for years, that's pretty rich. PSG's goal is the champion's league, and CL winners have more than 1 (always injured) good midfielder.
  12. Top 10 best squads in Europe on paper

    That's not the point. How do Herrera/Gueye/Paredes compare to Mueller, Kimmich, Goretzka, Kante, Jorginho, Casemiro, Kroos, Modric, i could go on forever.
  13. Top 10 best squads in Europe on paper

    You don't think most midfielder in the list are not up to the standards of a CL contending team?
  14. Manchester United vs Liverpool

    It would have been a red for any other player in the league.
  15. PSG - 2021/22

    That's a pretty good analysis. Bad coaching + poor midfield + low workrate = struggling PSG. Our only chance against strong team in the CL at the moment is relying on counter attacks. That's pretty sad when you have players like Neymar, Mbappé, Messi or Verratti.