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  1. Barcelona: Back from the brink … levers

    Depends on when you sell the player, if Barcelona sells De Jong today they get €70m for the transfer but save exactly €0 in wages for this financial year.
  2. Barcelona: Back from the brink … levers

    Chill, I was just talking about the fact that they branded this whole thing as "levers" when there's nothing close to financial leverage in these deals.
  3. Barcelona: Back from the brink … levers

    Oh I know they don't have the choice and i'm not blaming them for doing so, but they should just stop branding that as if they were financial masterminds when they're just selling assets to pay the bills.
  4. Barcelona: Back from the brink … levers

    Love how they branded that "levers" as if it was some complex financial engineering when they're just selling rights for instant cash. That's actually the exact opposit of financial leverage, you're supposed to borrow money to increase your assets and increase return on investment when they're...
  5. Abortion

    Well, Thomas did conveniently avoid to mention Loving v Virginia in his opinion. Weird, it's the one against banning interracial marriages... I wonder why.
  6. Abortion

    This is unfortunately a huge stain on Ruth Bader-Ginsburg's legacy. She coule have prevented this by stepping down under Obama when it was long overdue. She didn't and allowed this to happen.
  7. Frenkie de Jong

    I probably missed the news that SMS or Barella were available. And good luck negociating with Lazio or Inter, Barella would be more expensive than De Jong and there's a reason why SMS is still at Lazio after all these years.
  8. Frenkie de Jong

    Well he did say this... “I understand that that link is made. That sum is not that difficult, it is logical. I have enjoyed working with Ten Hag at Ajax – and I can’t look into the future, of course. But I prefer to stay at Barcelona. That has always been my dream club and it still is. As long...
  9. Frenkie de Jong

    Who? What is the name of the player on the market that would be competitve in a couple of weeks/months? Do you really thing that United can accept another year with a goal difference of 0?
  10. Frenkie de Jong

    I'm pretty sure it's cheaper to give £73m right now that £60M + financing Arnold's A-team of representatives in Barcelona, drinking marguaritas on the beach and hitting every night club in town since they're obviously not doing much in the work department.
  11. Frenkie de Jong

    You guys are weird, you'd give up on the main target of your new coach and probably the only high quality midfielder on the market just to feck Barça over? Have you forgotten last season?
  12. Frenkie de Jong

    United finshed 6th in the league and the midfield was horrible all season long, I'm pretty sure there's some pretty serious needs and certainly no reason to insert 2 laughing emoticons.
  13. Transgender Athletes

    The problem with this whole debate is that the sample is far too small to make accurate scientific studies. Especially when you know the very very narrow margin that differenciates a decent athlete from a great one. Even a 1% increase in performances would be huge and we just don't have enough...
  14. The natural successor: Has Neymar blown it?

    It's pretty exausting to repeat for the 100th time that injuries fecked Neymar's carreer, not moving to PSG. His star faded because he's not the player he used to be, not just because he plays in France.
  15. Frenkie de Jong

    This part is clearly BS from Arnold, you might have long meetings right before closing to sort the last details but there's absolutely nothing that would justify that a whole team spends weeks in Barcelona on this deal only.