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  1. Gaming FIFA 22

    I know it's all geared towards spending = good players = higher rankings. But, the games seem designed to make sure you have to spend on player packs to achieve even mediocre success on it. I went into that myclub thing once or twice and played a few games. I didn't like it at all. Probably...
  2. Phil Jones

    I did post something earlier about him being an easy target for trolls. Noodles are just way more interesting than Phil Jones.
  3. Gaming FIFA 22

    Thankfully, I'm well past all that. I play PES online occasionally against a few people I know, more for a bit of fun than anything else. It'll be interesting to see how konami do with the efootball and the cross platform gaming. Although I am fairly sure there will be plenty of gouging of...
  4. Phil Jones

    College food. Like a pot noodle, only in a sandwich. Phil Jones doesn't have a clue what you'll eat when you've got feck all money.
  5. Phil Jones

    Yeah. Although McDonnells curry super noodle sandwiches have been consumed at 3 or 4 in the morning when the chinese was closed. I have a recollection of someone straining excess liquid from them one night and then scraping the escaped noodles back into the pot from the sink.
  6. Did we deserve a penalty in that game?

    Seriously, for the second one? where he flops on the ground after getting his arm brushed? It's not a penalty and not because he's not getting the ball. Because it's clearly not even close to being a foul.
  7. Did we deserve a penalty in that game?

    But it wasn't even a foul, there was barely minimal contact, not enough for him to go down like that. Would you have thought it was a pen if that were Bowen or Benrahma throwing themselves to the floor?
  8. Did we deserve a penalty in that game?

    There was nothing in it and he wasn't getting the ball. It's not a penalty.
  9. Phil Jones

    Koka Or Super?
  10. Phil Jones

    I think he should have been shipped out a long time ago. Injured or not, he's simply not good enough, as a footballer, he's not improved one bit since he first arrived. If was playing well before his injuries, people would have a different mindset about him. But all the early hype, the...
  11. Lionel Messi | PSG Watch

    No doubt he'll come good. But at the minute he looks extremely unhappy and disinterested on the pitch.
  12. Did we deserve a penalty in that game?

    1st. Yes, hands up leg out. Standard defender "I was trying to get out of the way" move. Still a pelanty. 2nd. No, nothing in it, he wasn't getting the ball anyway 3rd. No. He's on his way down before the contact, that's why it's not been given. As always with these, it's a case of seen them...
  13. Gaming FIFA 22

    Hasn't been a FIFA worth buying for a long long time. It's a terrible game made to cream money out of idiots stupid enough buy ultimate team packs to play online.
  14. 11 corners today

    This is what I think. Driven out swinging crosses to that central area at the edge of the 6 yard box. The cross has to have pace and spin for the attacking player to get good purchase and power on the header, out swingers have the spin going the right way on the ball to allow for a better...