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  1. NFL 2022

    Fecking fentanyl, man. I’m glad I don’t screw around with stuff like that anymore. I think Austin Box’s death (OU, couple years or so after Heath Ledger) helped scare me straight.
  2. Russian invasion of Ukraine

    It would help slow down debris if you managed to dive in deep enough, but you’d have to be quick. The water itself wouldn’t slow a shockwave down but the phase change between air/land and water would diffuse it, so the bit about your lungs exploding would mainly apply to an explosion that took...
  3. Transfer Tweets - Manchester United - 2022/23 | Follow the rules in the OP

    That all makes sense of what has gone on.
  4. College Football 2022

    The world is just losing its got-damned mind all over the place…
  5. Frenkie de Jong

    Some are so intent on reveling in their misery of being a United fan that they lose all perspective, like an old nan sat at home alone everyday who becomes convinced her street is the epicenter of crime in the entire city and will rant to anyone in earshot about it. To be fair to Nana there was...
  6. NFL 2022

    I think given the lack of correlation between athleticism and WR production that even in a new partially analytics-driven world they are deceptively hard to scout, so the proven WRs still look worth it.
  7. NFL 2022

    Scary Terry gets paid; top 5 WR money. Don‘t be fooled by the fake Baker Seahawks’ jersey, but they are the team being talked about more now for Mayfield instead of Carolina. Which is lame as I traded for DJ Moore in dynasty.
  8. NFL 2022

    I wonder if it is true all the owners are angry at the Browns over the contract given to Watson and there is pressure amongst the League to not do the Browns any favors, including regarding helping them be rid them of Baker, or if that’s just sports journalists reaching for something to write...
  9. Frenkie de Jong

    Or the new name for midfield. I’m throwing my support behind “Fredenkiesen”.
  10. Music Video Game Soundtracks

    We’d be remiss to not include Sea of Thieves. It is fit for a quality pirate show/movie.
  11. Gaming Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout (PC, PS4) | Season 4 is Live - 7 New levels

    It was released via Epic Games so more people have access to it now and it’s getting a little resurgence.
  12. College Football 2022

    Yeah the traffic, tourists, and hipsters are huge drawbacks. But barring maybe the existence of the great steakhouses of Houston or DFW I found the food scene was great.
  13. Television Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi

    Random factoid: in that fight the actor playing Vader was, well, actually playing Vader. In the next one, they starting putting the choreographer in Vader’s suit for the lightsaber fights. He was an English swordmaster who was the most respected sword fight choreographer in Hollywood for decades...
  14. College Football 2022

    That’s odd going to where he’ll have to wait a year to start instead of taking over for Young at Bama. But I would rather live in Austin as well.
  15. Television Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi

    One detail I am surprised I missed until the final episode: