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  1. Gaming PlayStation 5 (Console) | 12th/19th Nov. The only next gen console with a native 4K UI

    Nah, apparently there’s a lot of scumbags holding onto multiple preorders they don’t need.
  2. NFL 2020

    Now I’m going to have to watch the Halloween episodes of The League again. ’Ghost Monkey...’ Sidebar: I forgot both of the last two Mannings held out in the draft, with Peyton going back to Tennessee supposedly to beat Florida his senior year when he saw the Jets at the top of the draft. It’d...
  3. Gaming PlayStation 5 (Console) | 12th/19th Nov. The only next gen console with a native 4K UI

    GameStop was giving $200 on a Pro towards a pre-order.
  4. 2020 US Elections

    Correct. Unless the Great Lakes states tighten to around 5, there is no reason to worry about the numbers. Post-election shenanigans are another matter.
  5. NFL 2020

    I’m just surprised it wasn’t Lamar or Kyler with the fastest number, but I guess it takes awhile to get up to full speed even for them.
  6. NFL 2020

    Snow game! It better not get delayed.
  7. 2020 US Elections

    I’m guessing a decent dose of China, a desperate plea to suburbia, and maybe a deflection on the pandemic towards Fauci in addition.
  8. 2020 US Elections

    This guy is as bad with ‘facts‘ as Rafa.
  9. 2020 US Elections

    Shun the nonbeliever. Shun...
  10. Uncharted - The Movie

    I’m not familiar with Holland’s work, but I guess he might work as a young Drake. Mark E Mark as Sully is still unforgivable though. It will ‘put butts in the seats’ I guess but could ruin the movie.
  11. NFL 2020

    Speaking of WRs going places, the sports radios are all talking about Julio Jones moving. Especially to GB, but that might just be Packers’ fans dreaming. Ryan too if it was a Falcons’ firesale, but I don’t know who’s picking up that contract.
  12. NFL 2020

    I kind of like the Giants at +4.5 points tonight. I think they can keep it to 3-4 points.
  13. NFL 2020

  14. NFL 2020

    Yeah, I’m not so worried about his hip exploding as I am about those high-ankle sprains. I hope not because I think they got something going down there in Miami.
  15. Gaming Among Us (PC, Android, iOS) | Discord link in threadmarks

    Nah, that’s @Redlambs. You can tell by his fake London accent.