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  1. United will win the league if...

    4 of City's first XI get injured.
  2. What in the hell is wrong with William Saliba?

    I think he'd be LVG's favorite player if he ever played under him.
  3. Why can't Rashford play on the right wing?

    Hahaha thanks for the laugh. I needed that today :lol::lol:
  4. Post match vs RB Leipzig

    Fantastic performance! If we keep this up moving forward into the season we'll end it with a trophy of some kind. Here's hoping we grab the better ones.
  5. Getting carried away after a win against PSG, it seems like the caf has learned nothing

    Some people can't find the joy in anything. :houllier:
  6. Phil Jones and Sergio Romero omitted from United's 25-man Premier League squad

    Think of Hargreaves, but for more seasons. It's baffling we gave him a contract extension and I think it's one of the worst decisions regarding a player I've ever seen in the history of football. It made absolutely no sense to keep him on.
  7. Paul Pogba | 2020/21 Performances

    My point is that none of our current forwards, bar Mason if he molds into quality stuff (I believe he will,) are ever going to reach legendary status. We have a mentality of overvaluing our good players. Martial is definitely a good player, but is he a top top forward that will net us a title...
  8. Paul Pogba | 2020/21 Performances

    Name me one player in the squad who is capable of definitely scoring 25+ goals a season. I know we're overstocked in the attacking department, but in order to win titles you need the cream of the crop forward, and unfortunately as it stands, we don't have that. Fixing the CB and RW problem will...
  9. Paul Pogba | 2020/21 Performances

    Swap him + Martial for Haaland. I think having Haaland as our main striker with Mason as an impact sub + a new CB will make us a genuine threat. Cavani will be a great help to the youngsters too. Haaland needs to be here asap and we should do whatever we can to get him. Pogba would be a starter...
  10. Henry Winter's attack on Joel Glazer

    What can anybody realistically do about this situation? Fans or the club itself, it seems common knowledge amongst everyone that the Glazers are milking us dry... and???? This whole forum talks about it, journos talk about it, yet Joel happily sits on his throne of shit. What can we, as the...
  11. Rate our (extended) Summer 2020 Transfer Window

    Do you really think all that is reasonable with today's climate? People who expected a window THAT good were bound for dissapointment. 7/10 window. I'm happy and I think Telles and Cavani are excellent additions. Cavani is going to be Ibra 2.0 and will help the attacking youngsters in the team.