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  1. Messi v Ronaldo | Contains double your daily salt allowance

    Would be very interested to hear how United fans answer the following question. The first free kick has been awarded and Fernandes and Ronaldo are standing over the ball...who do you want to take it???. One fact that may affect your decision. Playing for Juventus over the last three years...
  2. Nedum Onuoha - Pundit

    I have also been watching him over the past few months on the ESPN football show and he does come over as very calm and level headed. I hope he does well as a pundit and his comments are very measured.
  3. Premier League Gameweek 3

    Very simple answer mate. We don't believe we are the best side by a country must be listening to the idiots...all teams have em. One thing that could really hurt us, in my opinion, is the fact that we have not signed a top class left back. For me that is the weak link in this City...
  4. Tactical analysis of Ronaldo leading Man City forward line....

    At last we will have someone who can actually score from a penalty...haha!!!
  5. Jack Grealish | Man City

    Grealish is an absolutely brilliant player. It will be so interesting to see how he fits in at City.
  6. Marcus Rashford MBE | 2020/21 Performances

    Just don't get the media bigging up Southgate as a manager. After we went 1-0 up it was a defensive borefest and we deserved exactly what we got...we barely had a shot on goal. Is it a surprise when we play Phillips, Henderson and Rice in midfield. I didn't enjoy our football at all and bringing...
  7. Micah Richards & Roy Keane's Road to Wembley

    I agree... can't stop smiling whenever it's brought up!!.
  8. PFA Team of the Year

    Tough to choose between Cancelo and Walker.
  9. Rúben Dias - FWA Footballer of the Year

    Dias came into a team with many great players from overseas at just 23 years of age. Taking this into consideration his impact on the team has been amazing. He obviously has great leadership qualities and I will be very surprised if he isn't named as the captain for next season.
  10. Your PL team of the season

    I see your point about Grealish but he was so outstanding for a long period that I thought he deserved to be included..I'm going for total all out attack. I want excitement and if the defence suffers so be it. Yes, I know...I'd be a crap manager..haha!!
  11. Top 4 race / race abandoned (or maybe not) / Leicester & Chelsea in the process of bottling it

    Spot on. If you beat Liverpool then I think their CL hopes are over. It would be great seeing them in the Europa League..haha!!
  12. Your PL team of the season

    Agree with your team except for two players. I would put Ederson in goal and include Grealish ahead of Soucek.
  13. Man City 2020/21 - General discussion

    That was an amazing second half performance against a tremendous team. I can see why they knocked both Barca and Bayern out. There is a long way to go in this tie...we all know they have fantastic world class players.
  14. Champions league Semi Finals 2020-21 - April 27-28 and May 4-5

    Tonight's City/PSG game should be amazing and I think it's impossible to call. City's football is great but with Neymar and Mbappe on the pitch anything can happen. My fear for City is that we miss too many good chances without a proper goalscorer in the team... unfortunately it's been the same...
  15. Phil Foden - What Is His Potential?

    Gotta laugh at some of your comments. Foden has had intense media scrutiny over the last few months. And the reason Foden is developing so well is because of less intrusion in his personal life haha!!. The last sentence of your second paragraph... what does this actually mean??. You say if he...