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  1. PL Weekend Fixtures 17/10/20 - 19/10/20

    That has to be a red card if Martial gets one for a reaction of a slight slap
  2. Edinson Cavani - Manchester United Player

    I get that Cavani is old and that recently he has been plagued by injuries, all we can do is hope he comes good for us, from all reports it seems he has fire in the belly and a point to prove. But am I the only one who feels giving him the #7 jersey is a kick in the teeth for the fans by those...
  3. Jesse Lingard | 2020/21 Performances

    Maybe Lingard is so bad that even Raiola can't find a club for him. He's clearly out of favour at United and we're talking about an England national team player. If he was good enough of a player for even the bottom half of the league, there would have HAD to have been some interest in a...
  4. Jesse Lingard | 2020/21 Performances

    I think it's rather telling that we received no bids for him (I don't buy the wages excuse in this particular case, hes simply not wanted by any other club). If the club decides to extend him (even if its in the futile hope of getting a good transfer fee for him) imo it displays a fundamental...
  5. Robbie Savage: Man Utd are the real deal - whoever finishes above them next season will win the title

    So I'm going to throw out this idea. If we sign Sancho, then we have 5 dedicated attacking players to slot into 4 positions. I believe that Martial and Sancho would be able to slot into Bruno's position (when rotating or required) and then Mason either slots up front or RW. Also gives the...
  6. Robbie Savage: Man Utd are the real deal - whoever finishes above them next season will win the title

    I think it's also important to consider the following points A. City had an injury crisis this season that dropped them a whole bunch of points. Liverpool were not really impacted by that the last 2 seasons and its bound to come back eventually (from a pure statistics point of view) B...
  7. Is Lingard as good as gone? | Contract extended by one year

    I won't be celebrating until it's 100% confirmed he's gone. If by some sheer large piece of luck he manages to sign for another premier league club, i predict he'll last 20 games before he's demoted to that sides reserves and then he'll be on his way out to championship side.
  8. So when are we going to get off our backsides and challenge this City/Liverpool dominance of winning trophies?

    I genuinely don't think we're that far off. Get rid of deadwood like lingard and pereira (mods they don't deserve their names capitlized) Sign Sancho, a center back, a DM and probably one more high quality forward/winger. Bring in a technical coach (like the SAF Queiroz relationship) And the...
  9. Jesse Lingard | 2019/20 Performances

    If he considers himself one of the best 10s in Europe, he's going to come crashing down to Earth when all he can attract is a measly 10 million bid from a championship club
  10. Where does Pogba fit in?

    He comes in for teams that set up defensively against us. For teams where we're countering, he comes on as an impact sub. For guaranteed starting eleven Pogba has to show that he works his arse off defensively, other wise he's benched
  11. The case for Bruno to be club captain

    No. From all reports Bruno has natural leadership abilities. That's not who we need as captain as Bruno will push the team on anyways. We need someone who we spot has those attributes but just needs to come out of their shell or someone who needs the extra responsibilitiy to make that next...
  12. What made you support United?

    Mark Hughes and his strikes on goal, whether off the ground or volleys or however he hit them. Was quite young then and thought he was the best player I'd ever seen.
  13. A definitive* top 10 list of the best volleys in Manchester United history**

    It was Mark Hughes and his volleys that began my Manchester United love affair. He was the reason i started supporting United, just loved watching him hit his goals
  14. Jesse Lingard | 2019/20 Performances

    Poor Lingard being criticized by the fans. Its absolutely revolting that such a great incompetent player is coppingloads of criticism while collecting a pay check of $100k weekly. No I don't want his "form" (in this case form seems to be getting a few lucky goals, cause sure as hell his game...
  15. You've just been hired as the Director of football (DOF), what do you do?

    Hold an immediate press conference and tell everyone I'm just here for free tickets to the game as woodward and judge are incompetent can get things done