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  1. Small-time clubs

    Who cares? We should worry about losing 1-6 and our spineless display, not about Man City making fun of us losing. How precious and entitled are we that a joke about a disgraceful performance at home causes a "WAAH! Man City bad, they joke about us! Why won't they respect us!" reaction?
  2. Should we consider selling Pogba?

    24-28 is peak physical condition for a footballer generally? The point I was trying to make is that 1) His output at Juve and ManUtd seems similar (and thus pointing to his time at Juve as being worldclass is a bit misleading) 2) We should be seeing an improvement in his output from Juve (If he...
  3. Should we consider selling Pogba?

    I do believe that "he was world class at Juve" is less a function of his brilliance, and more a function of the fact that Juve won the league. Juve would have won the league without him too, in my opinion. I just want to leave some stats here. Juventus - 4 seasons (2012-2016) - 166 apps (142...
  4. Should we consider selling Pogba?

    The time for selling Pogba was last season. He has a contract till 2021. He will leave on a free at the end of the season. And if we give him another contract to "protect our asset", we will be stuck with him and his frustrating performances for a few more years.
  5. Southampton vs Manchester United

    Does Ole have a "no more than 10 minutes for Mason" rule?
  6. Smalling / on loan to Roma 1 year

    Don't get me wrong, I don't want him to play in the midfield if I can help it... But considering our midfield options are Pogba, McTominay, Matic and Fred... we may very well need a body there. At any rate, I rate Jones equal to or better than Smalling at most things except aerial battles (and...
  7. Smalling / on loan to Roma 1 year

    Looks like I am one of the few who puts Jones ahead of Smalling. He's a better passer than Smalling, esp. when looking for a long pass. He can also play in the midfield, which is a boon given our current midfield situation. Plus (and this is probably a small point), Smalling gets very handsy...
  8. Worst Transfers of all Time

    Nobody mentioned Veron for us? At the time, the most expensive English transfer - flattered to deceive in our midfield. I personally even sported a Veron like shaved head and a goatee. Much disappointment resulted on all accounts. The only thing I remember is his volley against Newcastle in...
  9. Pogba Future

    Pogba pros: By far our most creative player, and the only one who can make things happen. This is especially important in transition on the counter - which is how we play for the most part under Ole. We need someone to pick a pass for our forwards to run on to. Pogba can do that. Marketability...
  10. Greatest 'pre-injury' xi ?

    Micah Richards perhaps?
  11. Greatest 'pre-injury' xi ?

    Saha.. I still think if he had stayed fit, there was a high chance he would have been our starting striker, even over Ruud.
  12. Footballers you could never like

    Outside of the bunch mentioned here, from among the players at United I never liked Scholes. Great little player. Fully appreciate the talent and recognize he is a club legend, but I never really warmed up to him as an individual. Same with Sparky Hughes. Wonderful servant to the club, but I...
  13. Everton manager Ronald Koeman is Sacked | Koeman: "I'm not impressed"

    If only Klopp would leave now, so Liverpool, true to form, can go for a former Southampton man.
  14. Players you had forgotten existed

    Anyone remember the next Gazza, Ravel Morrison? Where is he now?
  15. Best player to only play 2 seasons or less for us

    Jon Obi Mikel? Kind of cheating - but he did sign for us and did not play ;)