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  1. Italian Serie A - 2021-2022

    Yep,congrats to the Milanistas.. 10 years is a long time but finally AC Milan is a champion..
  2. Thomas Tuchel - Sack Watch

    Chelsea do need a better recruitment wich is more in sinc with the coach. Tuchel is an excellent coach and showed that he can adapt to the situation but it still feels like an outside appointment there... To build something at Chelsea he needs to mould the team in his image just like Pep and...
  3. 'Pep' Guardiola sack watch

    I respect your opinion but your very last paragraph is not true at all. As Thomas Muller said the other day Bayern still are playing with the fundamental ideas of Pep Guardiola and he is the most influential coach in the whole Bayern reinstalling as a major force (post 2009). As for City his...
  4. Why are Pep and Klopp so dominant in the EPL?

    He is not a one season wonder but he is one of the most overhyped managers exactly because of this short period. He had 30 plus year career as a coach and most of it was nothing to remember. Even when he won the first CL for Real Madrid after over 30 years he finished 4th in La Liga with a team...
  5. 'Pep' Guardiola sack watch

    Really? One of the worst decisions ever made by SAF is not even including Berbatov in the CL final squad when he was the PL top scorer at that very moment..
  6. Is Pep Guardiola your idol?

    Well my username checks out so... Pep is the best coach in the world but he is not flawless so there is that..
  7. Eduardo Camavinga | Real Madrid watch

    What a player.. credit to Carlo Ancelotti who insisted Real to buy him.
  8. Italian Serie A - 2021-2022

    This is interesting because it seems there is a growing frustration especially in Italy with the way the modern football is being played and Guardiola as one of the its leaders is targeted. Not only Allegri but Fabio Capello and even Antonio Conte who uses some of the Guardiola's principles in...
  9. Italian Serie A - 2021-2022

    All of you Real fans should be grateful to him for choosing to go back to Juve instead of taking over at Real last summer.. just imagine the horror show with Allegri at the helm of Madrid haha
  10. Erik ten Hag - Manchester United manager

    Ten Hag is giving the youth players a chance as much as Guardiola does at City.. Make of that whatever you want. First priority of both managers is winning not development of players. If a player is ready to go into the first team straight away like Foden he will be played. Otherwise will stay...
  11. Liverpool 2021/2022

    Yep and rumoured replacements were Sven-Goran Eriksson, Fabio Capello, certain LVG and even Wenger haha to be honest Capello seemed to me the most logical choice back then - his record in the championships is outstanding but in hindsight now i wonder what would have been if Van Gaal replaced...
  12. Why are Pep and Klopp so good?

    Pep will never manage another English club, he said that himself numerous times. Italy is an option for him - he played there at Brescia and Roma, knows Italian perfectly and is aware of the football culture there. Now where exactly is a difficult question. Juventus wanted him several times. AC...
  13. Italian Serie A - 2021-2022

    The only club in Italy that i really hate is Juventus but i have to admit i really njoy when Inter is losing haha I hope the title this season goes to AC Milan..its about time - 10 years since the last one..
  14. Individual Brilliance vs Pattern of play

    Btw the true Godfather of the "robotic" football is LVG. His Ajax side was so ahead of its time its unbelievable. Later on the Dutchman had always problems with the great individual players in his teams. But during the 90s his Ajax was a true benchmark of a great team. On the other hand Pep's...
  15. Individual Brilliance vs Pattern of play

    Ten Hag's football is more direct than City's but yeah the basics are pretty much the same.. The Manchester derby would look very different from next season on..i am actually excited to be able to see Ten Hag's team vs Pep's team trying to outplay each other..