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  1. Villarreal - Manchester United | EL Final Build-up Thread

    I hope not. Nice going into last game of season without top4 on the line. Full team tomorrow and rest on Sunday.
  2. What to do with ransomware attacks?

    Don't pay Zero Trust IT Backup - it's cheaper than ransomware Security Awareness Training - How to spot phishing, scams, password best practices, etc...
  3. Cristiano Ronaldo

    Maybe if he was free or very cheap, reduced his wage demands significantly, and it did not affect us getting Sancho. A 35 year old Ronaldo is leaps above a 25 year old Martial.
  4. Sir Alex Ferguson: Never Give In

    Good watch. Enjoyed learning about SAF past as a player and his early manager job. Never looked it up before. There was one takeaway that hit home for me. After SAF was in the hospital they mentioned he started telling stories from a long time ago and this was the brains way of testing it's...
  5. Grealish & Kane in Pogba & Martial out

    This. We keep ignoring the RW every window and end up shifting players around to appease someone else on the LW. We get a RW and we will see the end of McFred. Rashford will be played on the left so pushes Pogba back to MF for one of Fred or McTominay.
  6. Post match vs Liverpool

    Appears that way doesn't it. Ole could have played the stronger team against Leicester and probably got 3 points from that match. Played the reserves against Liverpool and had a worse score line that the first team did but we'd be 3 points better off. It was a gamble and one that should have...
  7. Manchester United vs Liverpool

    I think Tuesday night United played better than this lot.
  8. Manchester United vs Liverpool

    Fred is such a donkey.
  9. Manchester United vs Liverpool

    WTF. Got up thought it was HT. Come back and they're celebrating a goal.
  10. Manchester United vs Liverpool

    Not NBC. They were adamant it wasn't a pen.
  11. Manchester United vs Liverpool

    Should be overuled
  12. Manchester United vs Liverpool

    OG in OT tonight!
  13. Our fresh batch of deadwood

    Hindsight is 20/20 but I'd rather we kept Lukaku than Martial. Deadwood S6: Manchester United Edition Starring Anthony Martial, Phil Jones, Andreas Pereira, Sergio Romero, Juan Mata, Nemanja Matic, and Jesse Lingard Guest appearances by Eric Bailly, Daniel James Will Jesse Lingard work his way...
  14. Top 4 race / race abandoned (or maybe not) / Leicester & Chelsea in the process of bottling it

    No. Indirect free kick is the ruling on this. Sounds silly, but that is the LOTG.
  15. Liverpool will finish in top 4

    Damn. I thought they did away with that.