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  1. Eden Hazard

    Shut it bully boy.
  2. Eden Hazard

    Well most people won't know since you abused your privilege.
  3. Eden Hazard

    I can remember much worse by you (of course you deleted them in an abuse of mod privilege).
  4. FBI investigation leads to indictments of FIFA Officials on corruption charges

    I find it very alarming that Warner could just use the $$$ to pay credit card bills. I would have assumed a modicum of subterfuge. ie transfer money to shell company like 'Carribean Football Foundation' and disburse from there (even spend a few $$ on a pitch or two)
  5. New law suggestion: You cannot score with your hand

    Well a few years back players started doing the crucifixion when attempting to block a shot, that obviously had to be cut out.
  6. Eden Hazard

    Pretty sure he came from Lille.
  7. Eden Hazard

    Hazard's way overrated, he hasn't really developed since he arrived from Lille and is often a peripheral figure until he dives for a pen.
  8. New law suggestion: You cannot score with your hand

    Refs just use commonsense, so if you score a goal with your hand even if it's unintentional it gets chalked off.
  9. Ireland vs England, June 7th 2015 (International Friendly)

    Scholes on the money re Jack, needs to be up the pitch instead of dross like Milner and Henderson.
  10. Film The Redcafe Movie review thread

    Timbuktu, absolutely brilliant film about the effects of militant Islam (Ansar Dine) on the people of northern Mali.
  11. Champions League Final - Barcelona vs Juventus

    You do like a punt on a rank outsider. Golden Horn for the Derby?
  12. Danny Ings | Signs for Liverpool (lol)

    Ings is ridiculously overrated.
  13. James Milner | Signed for Liverpool

    Milner is the epitome of mediocre. I'd rather have Shelvey's erratic averageness/brilliance or Kouyaté's potential than Milner's nailed-on plodding, particularly when you look at Henderson, Allen and Lucas. Buy midtable players - end up in midtable.
  14. English cricket 2015 - NZ, The Ashes, Pak and SA

    Hales and Taylor can't buy a run just now.
  15. Sex workers' rights - #SexWorkIsWork

    It doesn't have 'potential' for abuse, it's inherently abusive/exploitative for most people who have their intimacy/sexual pleasure compromised for economic reasons.