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  1. Darwin Núñez | Liverpool player

    They give out trophies for winning them which Liverpool have done a decent amount of over the past 4 seasons. Given the starting point for Klopp and the team that sits around him, it's lightyears from where the club was a decade ago. The fact we're talking about Liverpool winning and missing out...
  2. Darwin Núñez | Liverpool player

    I guess stepping back and seeing the body of work by Liverpool’s ownership is more useful. Staggeringly impressive.
  3. Darwin Núñez | Liverpool player

    Is it? That includes wages which I’ve never incorporated into a calculation.
  4. 63% of Liverpool squad "asthmatic" - any substance to this article?

    Best thread on RedCafe. Liverpool fans to begin to worry when it becomes forgotten…corresponds directly to Liverpool’s on-field fortunes.
  5. Darwin Núñez | Liverpool player

    Arrogance? Suggesting Liverpool aren’t engaged in an in-season boom-bust cycle is arrogant? Okay. Tough crowd.
  6. Jürgen Klopp Watch | ZERO wins against top 4 | ZERO goals in 3 finals | Goofy: “Book your tickets to Istanbul 2023”

    This has delicious quotability allure in around summer 2024. Site filled with them since around 2016. I direct interested parties to Mané’s signing, Salah’s signing, Van Dijk signing…Klopp signing.
  7. Darwin Núñez | Liverpool player

    2007 called, it wants its relevance back
  8. Darwin Núñez | Liverpool player

    True. Three months hooked up to an iron lung and you’re good to go…
  9. Darwin Núñez | Liverpool player

    Yes and no. Fabinho, Robertson, Ox, Thiago all had to wait a while before getting regular starts. There is, at times, a period of intense acclimatisation. There are obvious quick starters - most recently Jota and Diaz - but patience is offered when required.
  10. Darwin Núñez | Liverpool player

    ‘The Dope Show’ Leave Ed Woodward out of this…
  11. Darwin Núñez / signs for Liverpool

    One of Klopp’s greatest achievements is how he turned Liverpool into a honeypot for top class footballers. Two obvious reasons for this. 1. Klopp’s global appeal amongst top players 2. On-field success, making Liverpool a destination rather than an occasional stepping stone for top players...
  12. Darwin Núñez / signs for Liverpool

    The wild thing about this list is that Salah the winger stands a great chance of finishing top goal scorer
  13. Darwin Núñez / signs for Liverpool

    At least we agree it’s nonsense
  14. Darwin Núñez / signs for Liverpool

    You’re convincing me.
  15. Darwin Núñez / signs for Liverpool

    Maybe. Fingers crossed he won go 8 years without being coached to be a better footballer.