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  1. Jadon Sancho - "White Smoke over Old Trafford"

    ...and Harry Maguire...:yawn:
  2. Predict the Top 6 in order

  3. Predict the Top 6 in order

    Pretty consistent with the 2019/20 analysis from most on here.
  4. Jordan Hendrsone - FWA Footballer of the Year

    Of course. But comfortable that there are other opinions on this. I share mine with the majority of non-partisan football writers. I guess a Liverpool and United fan arguing over this is somewhat futile, though. Although the addition of a laughing emoji certainly adds weight to your conviction...
  5. Jordan Hendrsone - FWA Footballer of the Year

    Been a very good captain in an excellent side. Well deserved
  6. Premier League Gameweek 33+34

    It’s a good question. It’s possibly more prominent because every game is televised. There’s also the fact it’s seven games rather than being done with one game to go. City in 2018 won it with a few to spare, I don’t know what happened with them.
  7. Jürgen Klopp Watch

    Williams in the XI this evening. :angel:
  8. Premier League Gameweek 33+34

    Lampard needs to take his midfield out and have them shot.
  9. Premier League Gameweek 33+34

    Very entertaining - quite unlike a lot of post-lockdown games
  10. Premier League Gameweek 33+34

    Ok. I'll change the way I've posted about Liverpool for the past 12 years.
  11. Premier League Gameweek 33+34 did kind of leave an open goal on this one. :)
  12. Premier League Gameweek 33+34

    Interestingly, having been a member here since 2008, I have had a lot more of this sort of feedback in recent months.
  13. Premier League Gameweek 33+34

    Congratulations to Southampton. The newest best team in the league. :smirk:
  14. Premier League Gameweek 33+34

    That was an extraordinary team and achievement - no question.
  15. Premier League Gameweek 33+34

    It wasn’t the crux of what I was debating. But...I’ve never seen game management over the course of a season as I’ve witnessed this season. Extraordinary control and execution of a plan. To win all but 4 games is devastatingly strong form - not seen before. Klopp could set up his team to blow...