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  1. Leicester City vs Manchester United

    Finally back wooohoo
  2. Protests following the killing of George Floyd

    Same as in hk, the police rough up a few protesters and the western countries condemning the hk police for brutality. While it happen in land of free, oh it’s nothing.
  3. Watford vs Manchester United

    Yesssss Hahaha
  4. Watford vs Manchester United

    United already a laughing club long during the chosen one reign
  5. Watford vs Manchester United

    Can’t even force foster a save
  6. Watford vs Manchester United

    Haha mata
  7. Watford vs Manchester United

    Doesn’t matter what ole doing now, we are losing this
  8. Watford vs Manchester United

    I think warford will trash United
  9. Watford vs Manchester United

    Ole please go, if ole still have dignity
  10. Manchester United vs Everton

    Ole with his Stupid sub
  11. Manchester United vs Everton

    Why mata for James?
  12. Manchester United vs Everton

    Same shit different day
  13. Manchester United vs Everton

    When we expect United to win, they lose. When we expect them to lose they win. Crazy team this. But i guess we will lose this match and bringing the fan back to reality that United is a mid table team now.
  14. Glazers / Woodward out!

    Look how well both City and Liverpool running the club compared to United.
  15. Ole Gunnar Solskjær | 2019/20 Discussion

    Ole is about all talk and no action