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  1. Harry Kane MBE | Performances

    Best player in the Prem right now.
  2. Predict the Top 6 20/21 in order

    Liverpool Spurs City Chelsea Everton Aresnal
  3. The Tottenham Hotspur 2020/21 thread

    If we have good luck with injuries like say Liverpool , spurs will challenge Liverpool for the league.
  4. The Tottenham Hotspur 2020/21 thread

    1 loss in 15 and that was to the league leaders. Jose has given us belief again, we can achieve great things with the depth we now have.
  5. Jose Mourinho | Spurs manager

    Jose best Spurs manager since me
  6. Frank Lampard's Sack Watch

    Spurs will finish above Chelsea. You heard it here first folks. Chelsea 5th or 6th.
  7. Gareth Bale

    Fantastic COYS
  8. Fantasy Premier League 20/21

    Nailed on Mitrovic benched, would you believe it
  9. Fantasy Premier League 20/21

    I’ve joined this guys, look forward to it. A very challenging league this year. Team name MHFv
  10. Fantasy Premier League 19/20

    67 with Kev and pope to play
  11. Fantasy Premier League 19/20

    72 points very happy with that
  12. Fantasy Premier League 19/20

    Zaha put me out of the cup, lost by 3 points. 72-75
  13. Fantasy Premier League 19/20

    74 points this week
  14. Fantasy Premier League 19/20

    64, with Tielemans, Chilwell, Kane & Son to play.
  15. Fantasy Premier League 19/20

    How long does it take for auto sub points to show?