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  1. City have had 92% possession in the 2nd half (in the last 20mins)

    I was at the pub, next to me were three 8-12 year old boys, United fans. They were all happy at first but became completely demoralised in the second half. Really felt for them. I was lucky to grow up watching Fergie's teams.
  2. Fantasy Premier League 21/22

    Is Pieters nailed for Burnley? Would be nice if I could have him instead of Mee..
  3. Which players have credit in the bank for you?

    De Gea Varane Bruno Sancho Dalot Cavani Elanga Fred (bench) McTominay (bench) Lindelöf (bench) That’s it. The rest can be sold.
  4. Ralf and Tony: Caption this

    "You're tearing me apart, Tony!"
  5. Post match vs West Ham United

    Swedish TV showed the line, no offside.
  6. Aston Villa vs Manchester United

    Everything is relative. That half was good considering our recent form but it wasn’t great objectively speaking.
  7. Aston Villa vs Manchester United

    Awful to look at.
  8. Aston Villa vs Manchester United

    We have players who put in a shift; Cavani, Fred, Elanga, Matic, Dalot, Telles. May not all be the quality we need but they have passion.
  9. Aston Villa vs Manchester United

    To be honest these are the most likeable characters on the pitch right now. No AWB, no Shaw, no Rashy. The most poisonous players are out. Instead actually players who try to work and put in a shift.
  10. Aston Villa vs Manchester United

    Haha suck a fat one Martinez.
  11. Ralf Rangnick | Interim manager | does anyone rate him?

    No shit. We have some entitled lazy ass players in the squad. They need sorting.
  12. Transfer Tweets - 2021/22 | Check the OP for blacklisted sources before posting

    So Cavani is not part of the whingy group. No surprise there really.
  13. Marcus Rashford deals with the naysayers and slaggers

    It's not even about performing in the sense of scoring goals or making great dribbles, anyone can have a bad day at the job. It's the lack of commitment, not running, not pressing, not even looking the slightest bothered about getting the ball or putting it in the right place instead of losing...
  14. "Up to 11 players now want to leave United after becoming disillusioned with life at the club."

    Agreed. Show it by running and pressing until you need to be subbed of by the 85th minute because your legs are cramping. Not by dribbling, looking half-assed and then annoyed at the outcome of your own mistakes. Anyway, I had a dream the other night that I was Rashford and scored five goals...
  15. Press conference | Villa (H) | FA Cup

    Unfortunately I expect any PL team to beat us at this point.