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    Impressive. I've tried scuba-diving a few times, going to 20m depths in the open ocean but my anxiety just got the better of me and I wouldn't repeat it again anytime soon.
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    I was all for VAR but these sort of offsides are absolute shite as they cannot really tell themselves exactly no matter what
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    This is feckin stupid
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    Wtf was that GK thinking, really stupid play by him.
  • Sancho naturally drifts to the central areas too from my understanding, so not sure about that.
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    He lost all the confidence he had earlier and for a young footballer it’s massive. I’m not sure, however, he can regain that confidence here given the lack of game time.
  • As usual with us we rush out give a new contract to players after a few months of good form and hype, it’s laughable. Then we wonder why we’re stuck with our deadwood for so long as no one can afford to take it off our hands. Also, Ole having a...
  • No club will pay the quoted sums next summer knowing that in just 6 months you can secure his signature for free.
  • Not sure Dortmund can take 70-60M hit on Sancho by keeping him for another year imo. We have an upper hand in these negotiations, especially, during the covid times.
  • We just gave him a new improved contract 10 months ago, I really don’t understand the way we operate when it comes to salaries.
  • Other clubs will pick him up no worries, we definitely shouldn’t sell for anything less than 20M for someone who made Seria A team of the season.
  • Salaries quoted in the UK are normally before tax, there are only handful of players in the EPL that earn €17.6m (before tax) or more from what I gather.
  • I personally, don't think this will happen but who knows at this point. I still rather have a bigger buffer available for us to be able to bump his contract every in case his performances merits it, keeping his motivation on toes.
  • No way we're mad enough to pay him 300k a week.
  • Just looked up! My bad, maybe not in the world but in the PL, defo (which is still not a great look when you have those).