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  • Just pay up Ed you twat. The success this lad can bring over the next 10 years will repay the 120 million.
  • Well he’s not bloody below average to world class is he mate? :lol: But honestly, 2 goals in 16 games at Villa. 1 every 547 minutes. That is very poor imo. Even 7 goals in 20 games in Belgium this season is indefensible for a PL striker...
  • As far as I know it was only Axel and Abraham, and it’s not as if their replacements contributed much to them staying up. Engels, Wesley and Samatta have been shit. Think they would have come mid-table if they stuck with their 18-19 side, only...
  • If they are replaced, Fulham deserve to go down again next again. Spending £100m on unproven, exotic players from abroad does not work, just ask Villa and QPR. I’m sure Parker knows this though — he was there in 2018-19.
  • Wtf :lol: Fabrizio’s reported it though, so you and Eddy shall be happily together for the rest of time.
  • I got him up to a 97 rating, then he complained that he wasn’t playing despite always playing and left for Serie B on a free. Cosenza I think it was. Never been more pissed off at a game.
  • Dark horses in football usually only have a QF ceiling, although you could be right as I think that’s where we’ll reach. A shit draw in the RO16 against Bayern and we’re done though, they’re fantastic.
  • SAF got it wrong in 09, one of the only times he did. We genuinely should have won that as Barca weren’t at their peak then and we beat the same group the previous season. In fact, I even think that Rooney-Ronaldo team were better than them at...
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    Except the time some Portuguese lad removed our star striker and stuck Rashy up top, along with Herrera touch tight to Hazard :D That was a genuinely easy game.
  • Forgot to clarify that I meant aside from actual big clubs, as OP posed the question about Newcastle, Spurs (these two aren’t big), West Ham etc.
  • Insightful write-up. However, the answer is fairly obvious. Moyes (bar Sunderland), Allardyce, Rafa, Bruce, Pulis, Mourinho etc will never catastrophically underachieve and plunge a club into crisis. Thus, after the former 5 managers invariably...
  • We ought to finally win the league again now. Don’t wanna wait anymore.
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    Only ended a point behind Juve. Obviously Juve most likely would have beaten Roma if they had to yesterday, but this really was Inter’s chance, especially after the start they had. Juve are deteriorating though, so maybe next year.
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    That’s the thing. Williams shouldn’t play as we need him for the QF and beyond. Besides, TFM’s fouls could help in breaking up play. Tbh though, our entire conversation about which defense we should play is irrelevant. They ain’t scoring 5 even...
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    :lol: Fair play