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  • That build up play was so tight.
  • Fair play to you!
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    If we can win games like this one we can win the League.
  • There is absolutely nothing wrong with having If Ole fails to make it out of this very beatable Champions League group and just manages top 4, he absolutely should be sacked with this team. I don't think Ole will fail, and more importantly Ole...
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    It's not a bad call, I think. We're down to 10 men and will need more energy to cover ground defensively. Young Boys will want to stage a comeback and Jesse is suited for running into the space they'll leave behind.
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    You can't win anything with Young Boys.
  • Ronaldo would need to score nearly 40 goals a season for 4 seasons in a row. I don't see that happening.
  • Or you could actually internalize how player interviews tend to end up happening.
  • I never said that. You highlighted a sentence where I said Donny being allowed to do interviews was a great sign. I have no idea if Ole would even be the one on the front line of making those decisions. Would Donny have the legal right to do an...
  • Since you seem concerned about this legal rights issue rather than my actual point about what Donny's interview means going forward, I'm going to take it we have nothing to discuss.
  • You're aware of NDAs right? Contracts can include language about talking to the media. And I don't know how you've gone from whether a club has a player to give an interview to Ole demanding that a player doesn't give one. And I have no idea how...
  • Legally stop? Dunno, would depend on the contract. In reality? Players aren't going to give out interviews willy nilly unless they're willing to risk torpedoing their careers with their current club. Donny's interview doesnt come off as one of...
  • Care to elaborate?
  • Donny being allowed to do interviews is a great sign. If he was still miles away or going out the door, the club would never sanction him going to the press and talking about his lack of game time up till now and how he's been training and...
  • They're all technically proficient, good passers and with a great first touch. Bruno aside, they all help the team keep and use possession and play a tidy game. They fit how Donny has been trained to view football.. And of course Bruno is the man.