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    Not a bad thing to NOT have a definite 3rd, 4th, 5th etc best player. Need everyone to be able to step up and have a good game. Would prefer not to be a one man team.
  • Very scary and wish him will in the future.
  • I hope someone warns this Uruguayan about what is acceptable and not on social media
  • Think it is an innocent mistake, but deserving of at least a strong warning or a small ban.
  • Just please let's not give stupid fouls in or around edge of the box. Ward Prowse is lethal, corners too will be a danger.
  • Gosh, we have fallen far when we are glad that Ings is missing. We just need to go full out attack in this game, put them on the back foot and watch are forwards take them apart. Looking forward to seeing this.
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    but for about 5 weeks this season they thought they were going to win the league this year... .lol
  • He came across very well on Football Focus today. Nice word about Pogba and seems level headed. Hope he can manage that injury!
  • WE can think of an upgrade when we have another CB (in addition to Lindelov) who is proven to be better and can stay fit for most of the season. That does not appear to be from within the club today.
  • I remember that game in Turkey a few weeks ago, there was a huge amount of whistling by the few fans which I am sure the players could here. 2000 will make a bit of difference.
  • What an amazing footballer in the days when pitches were bobbly, defenders got away with almost everything and fitness was never a thing. Legend!
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    Watching him yesterday, he could still do a job here 5 years after leaving. Definitely shipped out too soon.
  • Come on Istanbul!!
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    Thought Rashford looked comfortable/dangerous on the right today. If he can keep that up then that gives us so many options with Greenwood, James, Cavani and Martial able to vie for 2 other spots. Squad options starting to look good even...
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    Just like any sporting attack really. You look for weaknesses in your 'opponents ' defense and try to get past them, or if you want to 'park the bus' then you prevent your 'opponent' from having any meaningful use of the ball/(deny resources like...