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  1. Ronaldo: Stay or go?

    Changed by vote to he will leave. Would like him here but seems he wants out and he often gets what he wants. Time to get the old band together of Rasfhord, Martial and Green. Er Sancho and have dynamic pace as our weapon. With Garnacho and Elanga that may be enough. Just need to ensure we get...
  2. Have we signed anyone yet? Summer 2022 edition: Dry June

    Ha ha... the last week of course
  3. Christian Eriksen

    Really surprised that is just Brentford and us that are in for him. Surely the likes of Everton, Brighton, Villa etc. could benefit from his experience.
  4. Have we signed anyone yet? Summer 2022 edition: Dry June

    In before this thread is locked on Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday or Thursday or Friday
  5. Mo Salah | Choccy: He gone | Choccy gone, Choccy wrong

    £350k/week... meh, 6 months of good performances at United and we would be dishing out £400k/week for 5 years
  6. Honest Question: Will a new player be revealed in the new kit reveal?

    Dishonest answer:yes on Friday
  7. Erik ten Hag - Manchester United manager

    It all sounds very positive. I am not expecting miracles just all the air of negativity and us being a joke club stay away this season!!
  8. Honest Question: What is Fred's market value?

    I think Fred will flourish with skilful well drilled midfielders around him. He is very good for Brazil NT. If we can get FdJ next to him instead of McT watch...
  9. Richarlison / signs for Spurs

    Purely for his trolling of Liverpool fans I hope he doesn't totally flop
  10. Transfer Tweets - Manchester United - 2022/23 | Follow the rules in the OP

    Yeah that is exactly how I remember it. Webb was at least okay, won an FA Cup... Birtles was shocking and couldn't buy a goal... and there was TalkSports Alan Brazil around that time (from Ipswich) who was crap.
  11. Who will be the surprise inclusion in the team?

    Hopefully Garner is good enough
  12. Raphinha

    An EPL proven motivated Raphina is surely more likely to succeed at Chelski then a half assed injury prone Dembele.
  13. Frenkie de Jong

    For Now(???) Really looking forward to more gems from you....