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  1. What is more likely? That United get much better or that City and Liverpool get worse?

    We have a young squad, aside from Matic, so we will only improve as opposed to City who I think have so e serious problems and can be caught. As for Scousers, depends on hoe they invest. They should buy a couple of good squad optiobs (obviously I hope they don't). Also, depends how they react...
  2. So let's talk about Eddie Howe....

    Howe will get a job at Villa, Brighton, Newcastle or the like. Think that is pretty much his level and all the hype a few years ago was unfounded.
  3. FA Cup Final 2020 - Arsenal v Chelsea

    This is why we need to rest players for Europa. The toll is showing on a few players with a couple of hamstring injuries.
  4. Potential Matic Replacements

    I really hope Ole tries Garner in that role in all of the Europa games. Hopefully it shows that he is or more likely isn't ready to be the fill in for Matic and therefore we have to spend in this area.
  5. Potential Matic Replacements

    Today shows how important it is we get a replacement/understudy for him. I honestly think if he was not fit/banned for this match we'd have lost it. I think he gave the ball away once(?) But compared to Pogba, Fred on Mctominay he is so composed on the ball at the back. Really important....I'd...
  6. Relegated Bargains?

    Watfords Sarr seems like he'd fit into our dast attacking style of play from the little I have seen of him... not for a Kings ransom. Maybe Ake, but dont think qe should be looking for bargains from those 3 clubs...
  7. David de Gea | 2019/20 Performances

    Happy for his clean sheet, the record and of course top4. Feck me, he has started to make me nervous. That spill for Vardy could have veen disastrous. Had it been 0-0 I'd ve extremely nervous Leicester pumping high balls and set pieces into the box with De Gea not commanding enough. Whilst he...
  8. Jesse Lingard | 2019/20 Performances

    Happy for him... and do still think he can be a useful squad player for us.
  9. Manchester United vs West Ham United

    Evdry tine we have had a chance this season to make up points on others it seems we have blown it. I sed no reason not to start with our strongest XI and hope that are in a good position to rest a few of them after 60 minutes. No telling how West Ham will treat this game... guess their aim is...
  10. Manchester United vs West Ham United

    I know I will get a lot of stick from some... but I see this as an ideal game for Lingard instead of Greenwood. He looked lively against Palace, and if we have got a tired first XI, then he will at least run around harrasing the opposition. We have 5 subs so if it doesnt work, or later in the...
  11. Would you sack or keep Ole? (Poll reopened)

    Wow.. it doesn't take long before the Ole haters raise their heads. Seriously get a grip, get behind the team and the manager. One bad performance in 20 is acceptable
  12. Manchester United vs Chelsea

    Think we need to relak. Give this XI 15-20 minutes annd only if we are in it (not 2-0 down) then bring on Pohba and Greenwood. Still need to keep Wednesday in mind, especially if we have extra time.
  13. Premier League Gameweek 35-37 + FA Cup semis

    Goals scored is the first decider after goal difference. Leicester have I think 4 more
  14. Manchester City banned from CL for 2 seasons and fined 30 million euros | CAS - Ban lifted, fined 10 million

    Reckon the CAS website should crash just about now....
  15. Manchester City banned from CL for 2 seasons and fined 30 million euros | CAS - Ban lifted, fined 10 million

    I hope you are right but am not overly optimistic. The way football is going I just see Citys lawyers wriggling out of this somehow.