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  • GW 31: Burnley
  • GW 30: Leeds Utd
  • Came in here for a bit of positivity but I think I’ll make a sharp turn back out the door. Didn’t even take my coat off! Let’s hope we finish second, win the Europa and make a couple of quality additions in the summer.
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    I would buy this guy on Fifa every year for about 4 years before he joined Leicester. Was gutted he chose them over us. Very good player.
  • I’m a fan of that.
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    It did have the feel of one game too many for this squad and the coaches. It’s a shame, as it would have been brilliant to win the FA Cup. Two extra games wouldn’t have made much difference to the schedule so it’s a disappointing result. Fully...
  • I was just typing the above. That moment when Fred drove through the midfield and played it to VDB and was away, just needing a simple ball into his path and VDB turned back to his own goal and played it backwards. It was bizarre. I’m sure I...
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    It’s looking like they’ll be 3 points off top 4 after this evening with a good goal difference and in a cup final. I don’t fancy them against Man City but imagine if they win a cup and get CL and we just get CL after our respective seasons. I’d...
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    Fully deserved win for Leicester. We were awful. Disappointing to come up short again in a cup competition, almost expecting it these days.
  • The game management was much better this evening. I thought we looked as likely, if not more likely, to score than Milan as the end of the game approached. The defence seems to have improved, which is obviously being worked on in training. We had...
  • Fantastic this evening and it’s great to have him back.
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    We do stand out looking at the teams left now, but that counts for nothing. Hopefully we get a favourable draw in the quarters (for once) and the players are up for making it to the final and winning it this year. If we don’t make the final from...
  • Made some nice little dribbles tonight and his pace was important to our attacks. He does need to work on his end game but I like his attitude and hope he can kick on and be a squad player for us.
  • Superb and he had a real hunger about him when he came on, which the rest of the team matched. Great to have him back, he‘ll be hugely important in the run-in.
  • Good performance this evening and I like his in-game management with the ball. Knows when to slow the game down and when to start a quick counter. There’s no doubting he isn’t quite DDG in terms of reflexes, but very few are. A good goalkeeper...