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  • Superb performance this evening and has been quietly putting in decent performances for some time now.
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    A much improved second half performance. Great to see Pogba back and making a difference. A special mention to the defence as well as they have their critics but did well, again, this evening. Well done, lads!
  • Delighted with this.
  • We’ll soon find out!
  • That’s an awful first half performance. I’ve never seen us give the ball away for a whole half before. Low quality and can only get better in the second half as we can’t be as bad as this half, surely.
  • Come on, we haven’t even lost the games yet! Both will be tough but there’s no doubt this team is good enough to progress in both ties. We’ve done well in the league so far, no one can doubt that, especially after our poor start and lack of...
  • Another fantastic display. Great to see him get positive reviews from all outlets, as well.
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    Delighted to hear he could be back for the cup games this week. We need our best players if we’re gonna finish the season with a trophy and that’s very much what the focus will be on now that top 4 is looking very secure. It would be a kick in...
  • I think you may have misread my post. “Looking almost certain now we’ll make the CL places two years in a row for the first time, post SAF.” This statement is correct. You are perhaps referring to the second season where we made the CL under...
  • He does need a rest. Looked a bit off it, again, tonight. We needed him, though, and he played. He could do with taking the international break off with a ‘knock’ to be honest.
  • Great result this evening, well done, Ole! I get the frustration with no subs but that’s a big win and OGS knew it. It sounds like he knows some players may be back for the cup games so was willing to take some tired legs out there tonight...
  • Played really well and has looked much brighter in recent weeks. He just needs a goal or two now to set him up for a strong finish to the season. One of those players we‘re all desperate to do well!
  • I agree there isn’t a lot of consistency below City but I’m going to stick with my initial comment. We’re now 9 points above West Ham, who are in 5th, and they have 10 games to play. The maximum they’d get from their last 10 games would be 6 wins...
  • Fantastic result! Maguire was solid. Well done, lads!
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    Love to see it come back around for players like him.