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  1. Neville - ‘’no style of play’’

    When have we ever done that. We were crap at the end of last season, crap at the beginning of this season, with no indications of improvement.
  2. Press Conference: Atalanta (H)

    No, even better. Our coaches are doing an amazing job
  3. Press Conference: Atalanta (H)

    Ole on coaching staff Every team will go through a patchy period, we are in one now, we know that. "The coaching staff we have got is absolutely amazing, the attention to detail, training sessions, preparations. I don't think I could ask for better. "They are Manchester United people with...
  4. Ole Gunnar Solskjær | 2021/22 Discussion

    Anything more interesting said. Dont really care about Rashford's off field activities. What has he said about our tactics, playing style, lack of effort. What he did say about selecting half fit players and not given others an opportunity to impress. What is the expectation for this season...
  5. When will Ole be sacked?

    You think? Nailed on for top 4 are City, Liverpool and Chelsea. So Ole is competing for 1 slot there.
  6. Ole: “maybe something has to give”

    can we have this video on the homepage please @ mods with the time stamp 0.41. It's so obvious to everyone
  7. Neville - ‘’no style of play’’

    Ye that was incredible right. He actually said, FA Cup,, Top 4 and Europa would be a success, but it's the same. Imagine having to lower your ambition to justify keeping Ole in a job. Incredible. We are all agreed on the CAF whether you are Ole in or Ole out, that he has to challenge for the...
  8. Ole's man-management and playing his favorites

    Ah OK so you are admitting in addition to Ole being clueless when it comes to coaching he is equally clueless when signing players as per above.
  9. Ole's tactical weaknesses have been figured out?

    Freestyle and Moments FC
  10. Ole's man-management and playing his favorites

    Keeping around 13 of the players happy. He cant manage a big squad and make everyone feel part of that.
  11. Ole is unhappy that we haven't bought a CM

    We are paying him to smile, and act as a buffer between fans and owners. Other than that i would say not much.
  12. Ole's man-management and playing his favorites

    Would have rather Elanga played those 60 mins
  13. Ole's man-management and playing his favorites

    Would have loved to have known the conversation behind the decision to keep Mata. Played around 60 mins this season
  14. Ole's man-management and playing his favorites

    You dont think the manager has the final say on who comes and goes in the squad? What about the decision to renew Mata then?
  15. Ole is unhappy that we haven't bought a CM

    Why buy 4 RW's and dont play any of them there