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  1. Aston Villa vs Manchester United

    Scott McTom one of the most average midfielders I have ever seen at the club. Constantly gives the ball away and rash in the tackle
  2. Aston Villa vs Manchester United

    McFred giving the ball away again. Lindelof getting brushed off again. Rinse and repeat
  3. UEFA deal with 9 Super League clubs; 3 rebels face sanctions | 9 clubs will make combined payment of 15 million

    Never mind the fine for the ESL, has Joel put up the funds to have the lock fixed from the protest on that door.
  4. Glazer Statement

    Dear Joel, Thank you for your letter dated 7th May. Now feck off and get out of our club you parasite and take that pony tail ugly looking brother with you. Yours sincerley All the fans
  5. New Kits 21/22 | United rumoured away kit leaked

    Let's hope no one buys it. Would be ace if everyone really got on board with this #GlazersOut campaign
  6. Solskjær press conference vs Roma (A)

    Personal apology. Ole probably got one of those Rodney trotter wigs of Avram to soften him up
  7. Ashley Young signs for Inter Milan | Contrary to common belief, does have hair

    was pointing upwards looking for his seagull
  8. Solskjær press conference vs Roma (A)

    Did anyone ask Ole about the two videos of Police brutality to the fans?
  9. Solskjær press conference vs Roma (A)

    Feck me, it's more than the fans have got.
  10. Jermaine Jenas in line to replace Gary Lineker as BBC's face of football

    Happy I moved out of the UK and dont have to watch the BBC anymore. Cretin of a human being
  11. Old Trafford Revamp

    M Mould Trafford
  12. Glazer refuses to answer to fans discord

    Brilliant keep it up everyone. Don't even let Ratatouille go to the shops without being questions/pressured. We have to maintatin momentum here and make life as uncomfortable for these scumbags
  13. Protest at Old Trafford | Man Utd vs Liverpool postponed

    Big Pete on the payroll as an ambassador I believe. Guy is full of shit. Retired because his body couldn't handle the rigours of the Premier league, only to sign for City. Despised inside the Utd football club when he was a player. Great player, probably our best gk ever, but as a human he's...
  14. Protest at Old Trafford | Man Utd vs Liverpool postponed

    Do it, and add a vote for transparency.