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  1. Most important summer window in years (100-150m budget)

    We won't that's true. But we need it if we want to have a team capable to getting 85 points, picking up a domestic trophy and perhaps a CL Qf or Sf.
  2. Most important summer window in years (100-150m budget)

    150 mils ain't gonna cut it. We need a tough CB because our current lot are too soft. Plus a DM who can unlock Pogba and Bruno. Not to mention the perennial RF/RW issue. Attacking FBs too if we want to get some service in from the wings. A 300 mil outlay at the least.
  3. Leicester City vs Manchester United

    Want us to win this. Don't want to be in top four because some other team faltered. We would still have limped across the finish, but the fatigue of the players is clearly visible since last 3 games. If only we had rested the team in the meaningless FA Cup match. But that's all hindsight now...
  4. Manchester United vs West Ham United

    Hope today's clusterfeck game does not affect the players mentally. We need 3 points vs Ham
  5. 2nd string against Chelsea? Or do we risk more tiredness

    Winning our next two games in the PL is without a doubt, the top priority. We cannot afford to lose out on CL again. For reasons both financial and sporting. That said, we can and should rest Bruno, Pogba, Rashford and Greenwood. Fred, McT, Mata and James can fill in, all bringing their own...
  6. Post match vs Southampton

    How much did our defence cost again? Sad that our 130 mils RB and CB can't help us win a home game. Anyway the guys looked tired and Fernandes and Pogba both are up for a break for sure. Will we win the last 3 games? We have to I think otherwise it's back to EL our old friend. We need nine...
  7. Manchester United vs Southampton

    Get Bailly on in the 90th minute specifically to wipe out that cnut Romeu.
  8. FA Cup 2020 semi-final draw | United Vs Chelsea

    Oops...Yep..that's what I meant. Also the comeback they did against Villa. Bad time for us with them finding their mojo.
  9. FA Cup 2020 semi-final draw | United Vs Chelsea

    Chelsea doing quite well in the league. Didn't expect them to get all three points today. Bad for us.
  10. Ole uncertain of summer transfer funds

    Why weren't we in for Werner at that price? Surely we could have done with some competition to Martial. No offence Odion. Also I am not into blowing 110 mils for a single player in this virus scenario. We still need a quality DM/ deep CM and Arthur is moving to Juve? I think if by some miracle...
  11. India politics thread

    :lol::lol::lol: :lol:Party that is run on last name. Last heard they were changing it to Maino. No?
  12. Glazers / Woodward out!

    He plays. Not a coach.
  13. Glazers / Woodward out!

    Glazers are planning to sign/have signed Tom Brady for 30 mils a year for the Bucs? Is it United money?
  14. Matic/Fred/McTominay - do we really need to sign a new DM?

    A true DM does the following immaculately: 1. Intercept passes from the opposition. 2. Holds the ball through multiple oppo tackles. 3. Tackles as a last resort. 4. Shields his defence from runners. I don't think we have any player in our team who fits the above JD.