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  1. Our POTY 2019/20

    I simply voted Rashy as this young man has had a good goalscoring season, 22 in 42 so far and done well with assists too, 10 I think. He achieved these stat's after being out for 3 months with a broken back. He scored 3 and has 3 assists since returning, Bruno has been a breath of fresh air, Pog...
  2. Post match vs Leicester City

    Nah, disagree. Don't sell him. He looks languid and appears to get dispossessed often but that is only when the forwards aren't mobile. If the attackers weren't as tired as they are and were able to run more freely the his quicm release of the ball would be happen more often. This has been a...
  3. Post match vs Leicester City

    GET IN!!!!! CHAMPIONS LEAGUE, WE'RE BACK HA HA HA. WELL DONE TO OLE AND THE BOYS AND THANK YOU TO SPORTING FOR BRUNO. We are in desperate need of quality for ECL next year, let's hope we can get it pre season. P.s, Congrat's Jesse too.
  4. Leicester City vs Manchester United

    GET IN !!!!! CHAMPIONS LEAGUE; WE'RE BACK !! Only hope we can add quality now and get us back where we belong. WELL DONE OLE AND THE BOYS AND THANK YOU SPORTING FOR BRUNO.
  5. Manchester United vs West Ham United

    if i recall correctly; weren't there lots of conversations regarding bruno's ability to lose the ball more often than win it from before we bought him?
  6. Manchester United vs West Ham United

    would rather have had Mctom on tonight
  7. Manchester United vs West Ham United

    static yet again. Won't deserve to win IF we are lucky enough.
  8. Manchester United vs Chelsea

    why is De Gea on and not Romero????
  9. Manchester United vs Chelsea

    lindy and DdG. wtf?
  10. Manchester United vs Chelsea

    how many times is fred going to either miss the ball or fail to make the pass? I think Dan James is having a half decent game so far. Yeah, agree with everyone here, Chelsea are just out to kick the poop out of the boys, same as Southampton did.
  11. Manchester United vs Southampton

    how many feckin times do we stumble when we have a chance of jumping over the oppo's. chance of 3rd wasted yet again. The squad looked knackered
  12. Manchester United vs Southampton

    Will smallbone, poor lad. I hope his dad isn't called Ivor
  13. Manchester United vs Southampton

    tough one this, Martial or Lindelof for MoM for me
  14. Manchester United vs Southampton

    I am enjoying the Shaw and Rashy pairing. They seem to understand each other
  15. Manchester United vs Southampton

    pogba should release the ball quicker and bruno too as they are shadowed so tightly. always feel we will score on our counter attacks. boys look good. awb, pogba and maybe matic are looking a little leggy today. maybe get a 3rd before 60 minutes and ring some changes.