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  1. Jack Grealish

    He is good enough to propel England to win the Euros. He has to get fit. He is surrounded by more quality than Rooney and possibly Gazza. It's all on Southgate to get his shit together. Still questions about the keeper situation and midfield but a manager has to play to his team's strengths...
  2. Park, Park, wherever you may be..

    Asia, Middle East amd Africa have wild dogs while Western Europe and North America don't? (Excluding the wolf amd coyotes)
  3. Toni Kroos

    1 bad pass all game. Amazing.
  4. Lingard to join West Ham on loan

    Jesse + Dalot + 50 million for Grealish. Decent for both teams.
  5. Lingard to join West Ham on loan

    Berbatovesque turn there wow. Confidence prime through his vein.
  6. Lingard to join West Ham on loan

    What a goal
  7. The treatment on here of Marcus Rashford

    I too have been critical. But he hasn't seemed right for over a year. His work rate and movement amd body language is off. He clearly not fit and I hope this doesn't bite us in the ass or take years off of Rashford's career.
  8. Does modern football have less entertainers than past decades?

    I agree but everything is cyclical. Eventually flair and showmen will be back in abundance along with the importance of a No 10 or DLP like Pirlo or 2006 onward Scholes. The current trend of pressing, highly technical (usually short in height and quick players) and possession based players...
  9. Priority Signing: CB vs DM vs RW vs Striker

    All the same big names keep being mentioned. Don't we have top quality scouts?
  10. Ibrahima Konate’

    Big ol Harry gets a lot of hate. But he is an iron man and available every game. Seems like there are many CBs these days that get injured. I guess the new way that defenders are supposed to play is too hard on the body.
  11. Internationals March (World Cup Qualifiers)

    VDB can't even get a game for Holland either eh?
  12. The end of the transfer market as we know it ?

    It will morph into a north American model - trades and signing free agents that are out of contract. I'm sure there is something United could work out with Villa for Grealish or with West Ham and Rice. Lingard being our trade piece and United covering portions of wages etc. We also have...
  13. Jarrod Bowen under investigation for racist tweet

    Drawing attention to racist acts doesn't help the situation. Most people aren't racist and the ones that are don't matter, they are ignorant imbeciles. They don't don't deserve attention so don't give them any. I also believe the people that go around pointing out racism everywhere are insecure...