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    Considering that ALL of our best CBs in the Premier League era were big dudes (from Steve Bruce to Jaap Stam to Rio Ferdinand to Nemanja Vidic), I say height still matters. There is always the odd exception like Thiago Silva, but they are...
  • It's one of those days when the heinous nature of the crime is so obvious that there is no other better outcome for the people than a summary execution of the perpetrator.
  • That is an understatement. When you look at her eyes, there is just something in those eyes that makes you HATE her.
  • A real shame as I'm sure people were still hoping that Ukraine would mount some kind of rescue counterattack to punch a hole through Russian lines towards Mariupol. It could have ended in either a success like Bastogne or a failure like Alesia...
  • Remains to be seen how much damage she will take later, but I say she is totally fecked for this current trial. Here's the tasty bit for those who haven't seen it yet.
  • Yes, he has been subdued by a number of churchgoers themselves. The shooter is a 68-year-old immigrant. His history looks more complex according to this account (from AP, relayed on CTV News), but he appears to have fallen into severe mental...
  • :lol:
  • I just want the opening for Maverick to be released by Paramount Pictures as a teaser already. I'm sure they will emulate this intro with the required touch of modernity.
  • Luhansk and Donetsk are more likely to be crushed by the Ukrainian army on the attack than stay as they were just before the war. Crimea is a more complicated case, but it's too early to call anything there as well.
  • I hope Western European nations will happily remind Turkey on how many times they harbored jihadists who ended up committing violent acts in the aforementioned countries. That would be a very good trade to me. Turkey have been flirting with...
  • Just great. Another asshole brainwashed by hateful rhetoric albeit from another country.
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    If Timber has the abilities to play as a fullback for a moment, I would definitely have no issues with him. But if he plays at CB, then it could be a problem against most PL clubs using big guys as their CFs. Unless Timber grows into a new Thiago...
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    Not to give Kathy Barnette more attention than she deserves, she is definitely going to get hammered on this wherever she goes.
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    And I cannot emphasize enough on how that silly reasoning about "a good guy with a gun" is among Second Amendment activists. Are they even aware on how many times that so-called good guy either cowered or was among the very first to get wasted in...
  • I swear such double standards make my blood boil every single time when they are reported in the news. Kyle Rittenhouse was the most blatant one, and how he did not get shot in the open while he was carrying that assault weapon is still beyond me.