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  1. Luckhurst: United considering sacking Solskjaer

    It’s because we are going nowhere. That’s obvious for players and most of us… I am sad as I like Ole but it’s time.
  2. Ole Sack Watch - Poll Active

    You are right, he won’t take any dollars but a sh*t tone of pounds. :lol:
  3. Ole Gunnar Solskjær | 2021/22 Discussion

    Or maybe we just hired just the wrong people…which I think is the case… when you look at Moyes, Van Gaal, Mourinho or Ole do you see something impressive (I am not speaking about the past) ? It would have been different with Klopp or Pep, I am certain about that.
  4. If we don't fire Ole this week we are Publicly telling every Manager/Player in the World that Manchester United have Zero Standards

    It’s madness that this spineless and useless Maguire is our captain ! He won nothing, he is awful and a coward who send others to speak when we are sh*t (well, not today).
  5. Manchester United vs Liverpool

    It will cost more money to keep them. But the board is full of idiots, they will probably keep Ole and stick to the United way.
  6. Manchester United vs Liverpool

    Weird buy. I think Ole prefers direct players, that’s why he doesn’t use VdB and Sancho. It shows us that Ole is not buying players, but he is not saying no either I think !
  7. Manchester United vs Liverpool

    United winning the league or the champions league ? It sounds much better to me !
  8. Manchester United vs Liverpool

    He is injured since international break, playing for France…
  9. Manchester United vs Liverpool

    He will survive a nuclear bombing. The guy has more life then a cat.
  10. David Beckham reportedly agrees 150M deal to become ambassador for Qatar World Cup

    You are one hundred % right. Unfortunately, people whose value integrity are not the one who rule the world. Otherwise, it will be a much better place.
  11. Why booing the players is acceptable but booing the manager is anathema?

    Are you serious ? I turned on Ole very recently but never did against SAF. We were one point from Liverpool last week, now we’re one point from Liverpool if we win next week… I don’t have much faith that it will be better at the end of the season and we are playing very bad. Hang on on your...
  12. Frogba

    As a frog, I like it !
  13. Post match vs Atalanta

    Well, he scored in November 2007…we won it in ´may 2008…
  14. Post match vs Atalanta

    Last time Ronaldo scored 3 goals in 3 consecutive games in CL for us was in 2007. Guess what happened ? We are winning the CL guys !
  15. Manchester United vs Atalanta

    Ronaldo was owned a goal. Just hope he doesn’t take every free kicks now !